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Sports betting strategies accurately determine the size of the ball

Size of the ball is played in a football betting game. In this play, the two sides do not need to judge the outcome of the game, only we need to determine the total number of goals in the game much on it. Take 2.5 goals fixed opening mode For example, if the audience is more than 2.5 goals, namely into three or three or more balls, then a big ball, whereas the small ball.

Size of the ball play and the outcome of the same level of play, you need to analyze a wide range of information to reach a conclusion. To "crack shot", precisely determine the size of each field the ball, then the analysis of the following information is essential.

First, how the significance of the game for the team.

For the team, meaning the game is different, the play will be different.Some crane tail of the team, in order to squeeze other reasons landings will play the attack balls, goals and conceded opportunities will increase, it is easy to play big ball.Conversely, if a team is currently ranked flattening out, it does not want to change their position, play is likely to be relatively conservative, they do not fumble it, in which case the ball may be high.In addition, examine some major tournament, you will find the ball after the final stage is often the majority, this is due to the strength of each team are similar, difficult to play due to a spark.In contrast, in the early game, since each team level varies greatly, we can easily see some one-sided big score.

Second, the team's own tactical characteristics.

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Some teams keen to defend, attack the weak, but the defense is very heavy, so that both can not pose a threat to opponents, will not easily be broken defense, there is often a team's game ball. On the contrary, if the two attacks streams ball Team sparring, you can imagine a big ball can be very large.

Third, the team injury situation.

This is also one of the key players need to focus on football betting, if a team's main striker injured, attack will inevitably be affected. If the core defender injured or suspended, it is easy to find opponents defense the opportunity to live in one fell swoop tear. Coach will make policy adjustments Teams Players circumstances, therefore, to understand the composition of a team's injury situation and the main, to accurately determine the wager big ball or small ball is of importance.

Fourth, the two teams of power.

Team strength disparity in the relevant circumstances, face underdog teams, it is possible to use some of the special strategy, which is to pay special attention, such as defensive weak teams, is likely to put up a turtle array, any Seoul, the East and West Wind, and I shall stays. In this case, if the teams without good attack, is likely to play small ball. Offensive teams facing weak teams, it is likely to gamble, in which case Great ball very common.

In addition to the above four points, the team scoring the recent situation also needs to be considered. If the two teams recently conceded both goals and more, so we think they are very easy to play this big ball. Otherwise small ball Probability great. but this can not be generalized. For example, the recent two teams have a high score, so when faced with each other, probably because of fear of each other's strength and did not dare to attack, the results hit the ball. And if a team Just lost a large margin, the next one is bound to learn, moving steadily, but also easy to play small ball.

Betting on the analysis of the size of the ball the player should pay attention, sometimes making use of all kinds of information to the players will be under cover, the use of the inertia of thinking player, or a team for overconfidence, induce you to make the wrong choice, so the player must careful analysis, careful decision, beware banker "smoke bomb."

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