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Sports Betting: How to analyze various soccer tournament?

According to my analysis, football Cup competition system is different from the Football League, often a long interval of time, but also a turn-based, which creates a lot of uncertainty, coupled with substantially all of the Cup are carried out in the week, participants Cup two weekends before and after the teams are required to participate in the league, on the degree of attention or physical Cup are influential, it can also cause other results appear.

According to these, simply take last night Zenit, one is not open league play, were only warm-up match for the team, and the other is near the league victory, the state odd good team, just after a lot of people talk about who, when the result is before the win, say Milan, before the two teams are similar, the gunmen several recent games unbeaten, Milan is home to the only advantage, before Milan's also a lot of sure bets, but it is Milan victory, unexpected victory, the face of this, how can we analysis?

Why always said the Champions League before the murder night, not without reason, common sense analysis difficult game, we felt it, what good opinion?

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Players: Cup teams can still buy real Yeah

Players: one is the strength, one is war.

Players: Cup of uncertainty is too big, and too little information, does not have the consistency, it is best to avoid these Cup.

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