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Beware of playing football SMG dynamic Handicap

Handicap is a dynamic odds change constantly, resulting in dynamic Handicap too many factors, of course, becomes the reason we are able to judge, there are genuine football Handicap points, the key is the alignment of the opening when the dealer Bet people's views, as these factors will affect the odds change.

To make all aspects of making the light of your qualifying bet the team's strength and other adjustments and Handicap odds change so that you make the appropriate changes to achieve the intended purpose.

Handicap changes are usually always inseparable betting stakes, the time when the dealer to a certain amount of time has not been received or expected to receive will increase and the Handicap or lower to get greater benefits.

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SMG football players so be sure to avoid the following error betting methods:

1. Mangrenmoxiang law, two unexpected results due to a negative, "the ball is round," the basic theory, jumping and "match-fixing", sweeping, real or imagined, and made panic.

2. sit back and wait method, a summary from the accident in the law, and to guide practice in exchange for a lifetime of temporary proud burnt coating.

3. KeZhouQiuJian law, exaggerated against confrontation, look at the issue with a static perspective, ignoring the objective reality of change, into the metaphysical dead end.

These are our common types of errors betting method, Bo, the ball must be careful oh.

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