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Wagner pure simple concept (2)

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Sixth, the water level to read the tape.

Note: Due to the water level to read the tape is a very messy process, and not only for purely reference in this guidance note.

(A) static.

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1, low water: double disparity of meanings, one low water side by the injection more contrast sought; the second is making for the low water side of prudence, not premium.

2, in low water, water: First, by injection slightly more, slightly sought the second is making cautious optimistic.

3, in the high water.

4, the high water.

The latter two with the same 1,2 bar.

(B) Static - classification is more messy, skip this.

The basic principle:

1, making genuinely optimistic about the party, certainly not indirectly out of the water today, will inevitably cast doubt on the approach taken, metaphor water turbulence; First level rise, not fall, then lower and lower; but the rise which increases the odds The position is not high, and so on.

2, if not optimistic about making a party is bound to make optimistic about the party, but the actual cost will not affect the hands and feet. Metaphor in the same condition on the disc Win situation rose plate, a slight decrease in the water level of metaphor. You should Contact the other judge held discernible, look the other way disc, the water level changes.

3, the water level soar party colder verbal meaning, open-minded look at absorbing Oral makers are not optimistic on behalf of a party. Drawdown with same this time pay attention to whether the dealer has a derogatory act.

4, the water level judge identified, must pay attention to the four elements identified judge said before.

(1) If the dealer rally direction both hot team, but also the strength of the team (the strength of very different situation), then the other team probably is optimistic about making a real one, this time in spite of the other level is high, also possible that the lower plate.

(2) If the dealer rally direction both hot team, but also the strength of the team, but when the other team is the strength of the team, the same is likely another team is making optimistic side. But this time, the other can not necessarily reduce the water level (except half plate away). Otherwise, it is likely that the disk. For example this season, Manchester United VS Chelsea this.

(3) If the dealer is a hot team rally direction, not the strength of the team, the other team can note the strength of the team is, A, if the other team is the strength of the team, making optimistic about the hot team do their best, so It should be the strength of the team as long as the water level is not high, it should be possible Win.If the dealer do their best to do to be optimistic about the strength of the team appearances, it should be a hot team as long as the water level is not high, it should be able Win.B, if the other team is not the strength of the team, which team orally optimistic, then the team's Win may be bigger, but not necessarily accurate, is necessary to maintain the water level of the dealer or not derogatory term.The most important thing is, in this situation, even though the other team is high water, is also likely to Win.

(4) If the dealer is the strength of the team rally direction, not a hot team. At this point, they may be making optimistic about the strength of the team side, who is hot at this time who should die, including water level.

Seven, odds, Handicap maintain ghosts.

This is a kind of the best way to read the tape, but also the most prevalent, but is likely to be making the exercise of the Board Because this method to do a lot of variety, and very messy, for the time being is not the table but please note: If a change and lose Handicap the rate of change is inconsistent, because the odds are more intuitive, so fraud is more likely, and thus should trust Handicap, should not trust the odds must be convinced that the six principles Example: French Cup - Monaco VS Sedan.

1, Ladbrokes odds Zhongping lose too, it has overridden a mean a lot, so the first to break a tie. (Principle: do not believe the letter high-low)

2, making the first depression of the negative compensation, decline much, the home team have proved negative possibility. (Principle: do not believe the letter lose change)

3, by injection, making lower primary wins, l customer wins, customer wins odds liter after but still link at a lower level. This signal is extremely poor, due to the very popular original home team, this time down the main victory, undoubtedly fueled and customer wins odds rise too little, the idea is just to the people not to think about the possibility of customer wins, did not dare to lift what appeared melancholy customer wins. (principle: Letter or no letter drop, lose faith do not believe change)

4, spot primary wins microliters, customer wins a slight decrease. Obviously, the evidence is not afraid of making possible the emergence of primary wins.

VIII Eurasian Handicap conversion control method.

The guidelines are experts in many times to read the tape, in accordance with the control Handicap and Asian Handicap European level, resulting in the Asian plate to dispute the meaning of competition. The guidelines basically credible, but necessary as a support spot data. Sina gaming expert Lu Huiming It is a master of such guidelines, but unfortunately not get the spot data, the error still compare more general terms, the following points:

1, sub-plate less close, metaphor Europe is flat open hemisphere, while Asian dish is flat / half, has to study and respond to the footwall.

2, the Asian plate more closed, flat open metaphor Europe is half / a, Asian dish is a handicap, be considered to deal with the disc.

3, Eurasian rather, are open the same disk, you should research suppliers Handicap hot and cold levels.

4, because the water level is making comparative indirect funding window, and thus, the higher the level the greater the risk is higher than if the Asian Handicap European flat plate water level should be possible to study and upset 5 Note: Ou level compensation converted disk, because some small companies out of prudence, given the low rate of return has been lower than 86%, this should not be counted into the local to halt affect the results. Specific European level compensation, preferably more than 88% return each company rates prevail.


1, Eurasian accurately control the reason why, in its view fluence, hot level of control by the entire gaming sector, due to the different levels of hot and cold, are usually able to see the results of the companies to compete meaning disputes.

2, should also be noted that the Eurasian control, in addition to immediately Handicap by injection, but also maintain their early Senate Handicap Eurasia, causing a chain of control thoughts.

3, under normal circumstances, the highest degree of concern by the three largest fluence moment :( First Senate), at first by injection, 24 hours before the spot by injection, and ultimately by the injection spot - the pot of gold brother moved to provide this material.

Nine, the case judge identified:

1, Arsenal VS Liverpool Cape, Result 3: 1.

Chupan hemisphere low water.

By injection dish half / one high water.

Spot low water dish hemisphere.

Resolution sentence:

(1) Chupan hemisphere low water, carefully optimistic about the disc.

(2) by the injection dish half / one high water, low water the following dish, high water thorns on the plate on the plate by injection, is more optimistic on the disc. However, because of the high water, the greater difficulty on the plate to win two goals.

(3) spot on the disk hemisphere low water, the lower plate belonging to the type of disc changes - see above Fifth Article 2 (similar variants Handicap on the disc) This change in after-hours, the water level low on water level. words, from high to low, obviously in a dominant position on the disk. Although the lower plate under lure of history, but the actual meaning of the dispute is making changes, that Arsenal are likely to win more than two goals so as to lower water depression payment.

(4) Note: If the spot is really not optimistic on the disc, then it should be made on the plate heat precipitation, rather than drop footwall heat precipitation plate made orally look is hot, drop the cold, in fact, the same happened, Ever. This field competition of the disc no doubt, but also inevitable 2 goals or more wins.

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