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Take you into the scientific betting the door, but also you a real gaming world (b)

Large heat from the dealer will, rather than through free home based on more subjective method of analysis was used to analyze the "hot."

However, the widespread misunderstanding is that people tend to judge overheating party has a strong subjective. Internal and external hot manifested hot do not necessarily have the same direction. Determine whether a party must have sufficient heat from the Odds the inner meaning of the regulation itself (not the "meaning") up to judge, rather than the other subjective factors tendency of public opinion, the subjective imagination, its expectations and other psychological speculation.

The balance of funds on bookmakers

Banker and Player since information asymmetry is in a position, that it is impossible to go and Player of the stroke, it is impossible to say that the banker is by pumping to obtain profit, which is a good understanding of the problem.Makers of Handicap, the water level adjustment operation by the injection of funds is not in balance on both sides, but the more the Player the course of booby traps in order to achieve the purpose of obtaining more profit.As for the balance of the water level of the drive way, only the dealer did not grasp the game but for business development point of view had to the opening of the game will be to balance the water level, this game very few.Trader does not necessarily have to understand football, but must rely on good mental capacity, without looking at the amount of betting situation through its manipulator approach will lead more people to the wrong side, the use of the principle is established in the opening Aocai and manipulator approach based on the principles of.

On the relationship between match-fixing and Handicap

Match-fixing refers to the power of influence by the parties or third parties in order to achieve a particular purpose Results of matches in the tremendous commercial interests and even become a political football, the match-fixing has long been an indisputable fact.

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"The ball really are balls, discs are fake disk", surely we have heard these words or similar views, discourse itself is not wrong, the key to understand how to look at you. "Real ball" does not mean in deny the existence of match-fixing, but to objectivity and uniqueness of the results of the competition; the "false plate" means it is easy to understand, means that the odds of having bewitched, just need to be reminded that here again the spell of nature is for Handicap Odds changes rather than itself.

Handicap on itself, its role is merely a tool for judging results of the competition, the reaction is merely the result of each game, rather than have the reaction to form the final result of the game is how this function, apart again no other information to follow, especially not to be a strong plus any personal subjective conjecture.As a busy family, but we should focus on results of the competition, whether it is fixing the Player can not be directly derived by analyzing Handicap.Match-fixing and non-fixing last will only be to produce a result, the odds only direct service to this result, as fake or not fake and there is no direct causal link between Handicap."Handicap shows this as match-fixing" is not suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder is a delusional disorder, please grief ......

Europe lost on the relationship between the Australian plate

In today's data send Lottery, there is a misunderstanding of the method is to use the largest Europe lost control of the way to judge the Australian plate.

With a dealer's opening theory, traders, etc. These principles guide the theoretical basis and what is a highly unique and continuity, that same company for different leagues opening theory, principles, and so does Trader Because different leagues and different, free home to do is to develop the concept and the N for more manipulator approach perception and cognition, the two complement each other, especially in the former most important.We all know that conflict is a particularity and universality, but some European companies lose out data is a contradiction particularity, the particularity of the Australian plate is a contradiction, Europe lost an average value, and so the data is a Kelly Species contradiction particularity, so how could these organic combination of unrelated conflicts?

Then from another point of view to explain.The substance of the Australian plate reflects the traditional oriental culture, Europe lost although I do not know, but from the western world, closer to modern science.The traditional cultural emphasis on dynamic principles, focus on modern scientific rigor to physical characteristics to explain science.Western medicine has fried carbon hemostasis, Chinese medicine theory is that blood is red, red five acts of fire, carbon black, black five elements are water, water fire everyone knows; Western medicine come to this approach is based on carbon as carbon, have adsorption, contains tannin can accelerate convergence platelet coagulation, etc..The difference here is obvious, an extension of the betting is also true.It can be used in the Western world scientific thinking to explain it Sanshiliuji?

I believe that if you respect Chinese medicine theory holds fried carbon hemostasis will visit a Chinese and Western medicine and its road to explore, I believe you will definitely reply is a "go left, do not send" !!

The above content is from the perspective of the theoretical basis to analyze the essential difference between Europe lost and the Australian plate, in order to demonstrate Europe lost the Australian plate is no real intersection. Like Europe lost core thinking wide real difference is The team divided into 369 and so on, this kind of thinking in Europe lost count of scientific research do not know, I do not make improper comments, but put it in the pan and Australia had become a highly subjective thinking, guilty the Australian plate taboo.

In addition, there are a lot of people think that "multi-pronged approach" to make their own grasp of Results more resistance, however, a different approach is built on a different system of thought, while both interlinked thinking not only make you look where Either method is difficult to master skillful, it will certainly become a bottleneck restricting the future technology to improve the road.

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