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Those things Football Lottery

Play Football Lottery and play the stock market there are many similarities, Handicap odds with many stocks theory of operation there are many common place. That is, the odds and the odds are improving the accuracy of prediction game two of the most effective tools! Of course, the master has a gradual process. Here, we try to change the law from the drive way, European odds Macau Handicap, Asian Handicap betting companies each in contrast, of Handicap, the odds in the actual game theory use skills.

First, as the name suggests Odds statistics by statistical odds of a team of data to arrive when the team takes the probability of winning a Handicap.Serie A last season, for example, the king of home plate (home to the largest number Win) Chievo, Odds shown in Fig..Home plate by road can be seen in three games in the hemisphere, the team victory.In Pingban four games, only a victory.These two statistics remind the Lottery, Chievo home game, when the odds of winning a high probability hemisphere.And when Pingban Handicap, the probability of winning only 75%.Odds on the road, when the odds of a tie Chievo did not win, lost four disks.The statistics tell us that when Chievo away to the poor strength of the team's game, it is difficult to win.

Second, Europe and Macau Handicap with rate conversion method Currently, the world's numerous bookmakers.For each company to judge a game and sometimes there will be some minor gaps.Lottery makes sense to analyze these gaps.We use a Bundesliga match on March 6 to be a simple analysis, Bremen at home to Bochum.After entering the second half of the season, Bremen did not win.SJM's Handicap is: Bremen 1.05 hemisphere / a ball Bochum 0.8 European bookmakers give Bremen win match rate is 1.77.Comparison with the rate of conversion tables, the corresponding distribution rate is hemisphere low water Handicap.Macau disk hemisphere / a ball high water, indicating a relative with the European betting company, the company is more optimistic about Macao Bremen win.The end result of this game is 2: 0 win over Bremen.

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Third, the above comparison method we introduced Handicap Handicap Macao and Europe compared to the amount of approved rate method, here, we talk about the comparative method among Asian Handicap Asian Handicap betting companies due to the geographical division: Macau plate Indonesia disk, disk and other Thai dishes as well as Hong Kong. One of the most influential and the reference value is Macau disc tray and Indonesia. Through analysis and comparison of the two companies Handicap, it is possible to get some valuable inspiration.

Relativity of things to tell us, to any kind of analysis are not independent, there is some connection between them are. Therefore, we should try to make the game prediction to be objective and comprehensive.

These are just some superficial ideas we Handicap odds theoretical research, hoping to give readers some inspiration. And hope that through our joint efforts, can achieve little in Lottery good this area.

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