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How rational upset bet on NBA basketball betting

The next NBA upset when I know you're in there ~~~

1, Chupan boiling water theory.

NBA Handicap whether you believe it or not anyway, I am sure - today is the Celtics won only 11 points the Bobcats (official Handicap 11.5 points), Handicap experts predict a lot of games are more accurate, we remember Chupan , and so the game began, the situation when the ball deviate Chupan handicap deviations occur, figure out a good degree, determined under Chupan home.

For example, today's Celtics lead the Bobcats would have been more than a dozen points, petanque handicap increased to 15, when the Bobcats to recover only a fraction of the time, so that the disk or even a ball only make 5.5 Handicap, decisive under Kay Son, the last win over the Bobcats.

How rational upset bet on NBA basketball betting

Handicap game behind the trend will be to move closer, and once deviation on the next Chupan price, believe in yourself more than I believe the dealer wins.

2. Money Line betting theory team.

Total Some teams often win Handicap, also often lose Handicap team. The last rocket reeled off six or seven times less than Handicap, but certainly there must lose once, that is, if, if this is not unusual Handicap winning streak or losing streak when the decisive beginning of the next anti-note, (opening the company will gradually adapt and open a more reasonable Handicap based on his sudden outbreak Win teams often will be a strong bet to take the next village, the village will continue to increase in order not to lose the team's Win Win often difficult, such as: last seen rocket Listings Lakers).

Form according to dismount double win multiples: 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 not only won seven Handicap, especially in the case of early even Win, according to this ratio, even if Handicap deep water can be a little winning,

He certainly has a winning streak straight defeat there must be a win ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ remember to pay attention to a multiple of the banker is the most stable of winning

Front are some of the more absolute point of view, the starting point of view is the belief that the strength of the dealer and the fact that winning bet without subjective idea, even if you can not understand the NBA team's bet may be a bit absolute, but I hope you a lot of understanding, just suggestions, please comment, Thanks for reading.

3, home and away, back to back, the last game, these three factors of personal judgment.

At home than on the road have an advantage, the bigger advantage than you think, even too weak teams reinforcing component;

Back to back than you imagine and difficult to deal with much more difficult, or even back to back away;

The situation on the scene match the results of the injury, the impact on the next game can not be ignored;

Posts too many words, see more tedious, to give you an example.

Last Grizzlies upset loss to Dallas: Dallas, home advantage, the Mavericks last game two days ago reversed the king,

The Spurs beat the Grizzlies a fight overtime, then back to back to the road to play the Mavericks, the results we all know, but the Mavericks came after a winning streak.

Grizzlies upset loss to Dallas
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