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Football Betting resolve once six kinds Pingban

1, two super teams of similar strength, state almost. The home Pingban, mostly on the plate. Water level rose even more bottom plate home team also increased the chance of playing.

2, the visiting team strength of the dominant, Macau Chupan out of a tie, then a long time to maintain a tie, two hours before the game about the visiting team Shengping half, and maintain high water to the spot, the visitors played a great chance.

3, the home team current situation quite well, the visitors belong to veteran teams, but helpless to play eclipsed, underperforming Macau Chupan hemisphere dish, then drop Pingban and has been the premium, if the game is separate, the home team hit probability is Great, if a few games at the same time, the visitors played a great chance.

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4, maintaining the long tie low water, spot rose plate precipitation have remained above 1.00 level. The away team undefeated, draw the majority. This situation adapt to a variety Handicap. Handicap strongly suggests that the home team is undefeated or win, Macao pay out Pingban high water or a ball / ball half, we went on a disk to lure Bo half full.

5, against Bundesliga midstream between the teams, the teams ranking, strength of almost all aspects of the state, the home team Pingban, footwall majority.

6, the French home team and the visiting team strength vary widely, a difference of about ten ranking, the home team let the visiting team Pingban, mostly on the Macau this year disc tray, be adjusted this year, the home team undefeated, but the primary wins and a draw almost equal. And this disc is generally two appear together, you can buy the disc plus a draw on the cross.

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