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Speaking of football betting odds from Europe how to bet a draw

Analysis Handicap, is one of the basic skills of football betting, many players will be through the analysis to determine Handicap or overthrow their own judgment, to make a final decision.

Football betting is betting players Shengping Fu has been a hot topic, and the "anti-peace" is popular in hot, a lot of gambling players in order to "anti-peace" brains. In fact, the analysis of Europe lose Handicap on the "anti-peace "There is also a certain significance. draw has its own rules, the bonus is lower than 2.9 if a draw, then the possibility of a draw is great. For some teams away games, if the main victory bonus is higher than 3.5, while the customer wins prize higher than 1.85, indicating that the two sides have nothing to win strong confidence, in this case 1: 1 is a good choice.

In addition, in terms of betting a draw, tie score only five options, of which 0: 0 and 1: 1 and occupies most likely, therefore, not sure when, cast a note 0: 0 or 1: 1 also very suitable.

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Anti-level success has many factors, careful collection, analysis of data, the skill and experience accumulated over the years, to improve the success rate of the anti-level will help.

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