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Asian Handicap Betting illustration

Look at this picture below twenty-fifth round of the Serie A match, Juventus home game against Bologna. Take this game as an example, let us begin to understand the learning betting odds!

Asian Handicap illustration

Asian Handicap Asian gaming company based football experts under development, which are immersed in the study of perennial expert in football, teams from around the world were they figured out, so they opened Handicap is quite accurate in. But gaming companies in order to reduce their own risk, the premium often choose the middle value, it can guarantee the results came out after the match, winning and losing of people roughly equal.

Macau gaming companies out of the "Handicap" or "get the ball", the basic rule is "to reflect the gap in the score." And out of the handicap only for the home and away teams which team, buy it a team who basically are "all lose, lose half, do not lose not win, win half of all win." Several results.

Handicap- The dealer (legal betting companies) based on their game both clubs gather information, including main injury case, the internal top management, funds operating conditions, the main players in the state, and the number of bets Lottery worked out, etc. Both teams a comprehensive gap in the game, on goal difference to reflect. That is to get the ball and the transferee, from how much you can get the ball from one hand reflects the strength of the closeness of the two teams.

Agio- The results came out after the game, gamblers surplus money and losing money factor.

Upper and lower plate- Is a rich phase generally refers to the number of goals a game with more than a certain number of more or less to as Bo phase argument, this particular number is called intermediate dribbling number; if the goal the number is more than the number of intermediate dribbling, called on the plate; if the number of goals less than the number of intermediate dribbling, called the footwall, the disc footwall collectively referred to only two types of upper and lower plate and down plate: that on the plate and the lower plate, the intermediate plate number is the average of several ball number of goals in this game most likely.

Although the upper and lower plate and betting disk has a disk-word, but they are not the same thing, a specific gaming session, there will be a phase-Bo, Bo these phases may have several sub-items collectively known as upper and lower plate.

. a Macau Handicap, the "upper plate" refers to a ball three goals or more goals (including 3 goals); "footwall" refers to a ball goals to 2 goals or less.

b habit of saying:. "on the disc" refers to side to keep the ball, "footwall" means to get the ball square.

Handicap common type and explanation:

Handicap (digital representation) explain the meaning of

Tie (0) opened flat sides, the two sides the same chance of winning

Tie / hemisphere (0 / 0.5) to get the ball square tie people to buy it lose half, to win an all-win

Hemisphere (0.5) to get the ball square to buy a tie or lose it all lose, win an all win

Hemisphere / a ball (0.5 / 1) to get the ball square flat or negative-lose, win win half a ball, two goals all win win

A ball (1) to get the ball side lose, flat-lose, win a ball count level, winning two goals all win

A ball / ball half (1 / 1.5) to get the ball side to win a ball to buy it people lose half, winning two goals all win

Ball half (1.5) to get the ball side lose, flat, a win-lose, win two balls all win

Qiuban / two goals (1.5 / 2) let the ball side to win two to buy it wins half, winning three all win

Two goals (2) let the ball side to win two ball count level, winning three goals all win

Winning or losing is calculated:

In the example cited to illustrate, Juventus 1.05 a ball / ball half Bologna 0.80, from Handicap "a ball / ball half" see, Juventus win a ball bets lose half of its people, to win two ball betting its people all win.The outcome of the match was 2: 1, that is, to win a bet Juventus lose half its people.For example, I bet Juventus 1 million, I would lose five thousand dollars, which lost half of the principal amount.Or game, if the outcome of the match Juventus won two balls or two balls over who bet it all win, I can get 10,000 (principal) +1 Wansheng 1.05 20,500 yuan.If Juventus are Bologna tie or beat, I lost all of 10,000 yuan.

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