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Handicap language teaching series a - Top Makers Race down payment to reduce the disk

Handicap, usually under analysis can decipher the fine plus certain information. Reading out the use of a comprehensive analysis of Race Results Information to know ourselves.

Here with tonight's event as a case interpretation:

La Liga 03:00 Hualijiannu VS Catalonia

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Chupan is too large, the lower plate is heated, the dealer to obtain greater profits, down-disk.

First, to conduct Handicap interpretation, we must first understand three things

1, both the strength difference, the difference between the current situation, the comparison Handicap is too big.

2, the night a tournament (Popular tournament) How many, how many events to choose from lottery bets.

3, real-time data Handicap changes.

Second, according to the strength of the strength of difference races contrast, the current situation is poor, own estimate Chupan is appropriate.

1, the strength difference: If real, except for the external factors, Catalonia strength to stand in the battle over Hualijiannu if no external factors, Catalonia allows hemisphere.

2, the difference between the current situation: Hualijiannu nearly five home 3 wins and 1 loss, Catalonia nearly five away wins and 1 draws, 3 losses, just the opposite, so the current situation is concerned, let Catalonia flat Hualijiannu half, coupled with the current round of tournament Hualijiannu home game, plus Pingban to say, excluding the strength, status and home alone from these two advantages, Hualijiannu lets Catalonia hemisphere.

3, the strength difference and differential offset current situation, the current round of Race Handicap should be a normal tie Hualijiannu Catalonia, balanced bilateral level, but the fact is that all harmony term company Chupan Hualijiannu Pingban high water, apparently belongs Handicap big.

4, Handicap data: All companies are Kaiping Chupan half high water, the differences appear after the official betting, Dafabet, Mingsheng Pingban reduced to 0, the water level lowered to 0.7 or less, while other companies holding Handicap unchanged, except for the water level down to about 0.9.

Data must then be analyzed differences arise, most companies not only did not fall too deep dish in the Handicap opposite case, but down on the Odds, apparently on the plate to keep the confidence of winning, while Daihatsu and Mingsheng lower plate 88 mouth, the surface Handicap diverge, and indeed should be big hair and Mingsheng using a high water level (because 0 Handicap, buyers still have a tendency to bet Catalonia) for the next trap on the plate to reduce the water level to reduce the payment

So this kind of handicap, we should believe that the dealer, and should not be encumbered low water dish, because under .500 low water dish will lose water fee, so we should direct such Handicap selected sub tray charge, direct charge Hua calendar Kanu ball -0.5, 1.22 times the charge, although there is a risk of high water, but under .500 still be profitable.

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