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[188BET event analysis] Premier League: rotten rotten brother brother, West Brom home advantage is exaggerated


Premier League Fulham VS West Bromwich Albion 23:00 02-22


CASINO Standard tray: 1.70 4.30 3.60

CASINO Asian Chupan: West Bromwich 0.95 hemisphere / a ball 0.98 Fulham


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Saturday, the direct dialogue between the two Premier League relegation West Brom and Fulham. Both teams are a small club, limited strength, the poor performance of the new season, the standings are located downstream of wandering. The home west Brown, the state has gone up recently, nearly four are unbeaten at home, which is nearly three home against Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton and other teams, worthy of recognition. The away team Fulham are not so brisk performance, Status hemp. The guest, although Fulham, West Brom but not teams, home advantage can not be overstated.

Judging from the disk, CASINO Asian dish out the home team West Brom hemisphere / a ball 0.95 in water, combined with the two teams Comparison and analysis of the situation standings, West Brom hemisphere / a ball unreasonable ingredient, after two weak brigade strength and status gap not so great Eurasian Odds Conversion also only supports hemisphere / a ball high water. The home team is not good to exaggerate too much on the plate and increased risk, have upset the possibility of holding the next disc appropriate.

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