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Whether roulette or dice are by the color of natural numbers, to understand what is a natural number it?

I have studied the natural numbers, natural numbers secret I've know!

You might have thought Rotary table Chance of 0-36 is equal to the number that appears, I can tell you it is not equal. Know three Dice Why chance 9,10,11,12 these numbers why is there a maximum? If you know, you can ensure mathematicians do not know. Of course, the so-called natural numbers, or these numbers, but it secretly afraid to publish firm in there is a chance dice number that appears is the highest, we can observe, can also be used for a long time to perform statistical calculations. But I do not released, so as not to affect Casino Business.

In addition, no matter what the secret, we can not guarantee that you will not lose money, what is not going to lose, are the comprehensive consideration of your mind and skills. If you do not mind people who simply can not gamble gambler why gambling ? Because losing a long, caught in a vicious circle which has another, simply to get out. So, if a Gambling Friends can not let yourself winning more than the number of times lose money, then it is only gambling on this street, because he is the loser go anyway.

If a person is 10 times the bet can win six times, and is a positive return, such a person is a talent for gambling. If 10 wins five times, then very difficult to have a positive return, close hand bar.

The secret of success in the casino is only one, that is: attitude + inspiration + technology, the lack of intuition is not for gambling.

I am willing to make playing roulette and dice played with a good friend.

I QQ: XXXXXXX (reminded, can not stay No.)

For players without their own policy, please do not add me. If you want to discuss techniques to play roulette, that depends on friendship it!

Hair give everyone a set of analog roulette random numbers, but also perverted enough, ha ha, you see!
















To see there is no fraud roulette, I use a computer program choreographed a set of random numbers, after the end of choreography, extraordinary surprise. Metamorphosis is enough, 18 this number, 161 in the first time was only to knock them out.

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