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Feasibility Analysis cable straight profitable play roulette game

Game 1 lost 35 fixed also, according to the characteristics and mathematical probability of the game, has been to buy a digital theoretically 36 times will not once, after lost 35 consecutive times, to buy from the 36th starting 2 Notes, if we lose 70 times in a row, starting from the fourth to buy 4 Note, and so on, a disadvantage of this play is that gambling money required is large enough. But from the theoretical point of view is limited to red before you can buy the winning end of a round.

Roulette machine Buy small solitary finest unit is 5 mosquitoes, 1-35 need to prepare 175,36-70 need to prepare 350,71-105 need to prepare 700,106-140 need to prepare 1400, if not even a real line shop 140 a zero chance although low but by no means possible Well, curse Mi Tuo Ω Moe station armed than fresh pure 4 2625 for a principal amount totaling play, instead of buying a fixed number, but the results of the previous shop bought, in theory with the opportunity to buy a fixed number should be the same.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen criticism of this method, in addition to win and to win less than slow, my friends think What are the disadvantages of this method.

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EA platform, I tried this play! Has front disc 0.5 began more than 70 have been 10 mosquito bet betting 034 times 10 mosquito, baby afraid Lie] began to bet 20 mosquitoes once.

Results Bet the 30th to 20 mosquitoes, so wait until you can speak only earn open water! Macau live electronics, then you earn points!

I also studied the way the roulette paper, so that the result on a shop to buy than to buy a slightly higher chance of 0, usually around 30 or less on the shop

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