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Much Ado roulette table edge

Play roulette really fun, but the only problem is easily crowded roulette table side, and unconsciously, likely to fall into chaos.

Roulette has "the most troublesome casino table games," he said. Those crazy when French aristocrat invention This game is definitely not expect. From the perspective of the casino, roulette has several major drawbacks. It occupies a lot of space, equipment is expensive, and often require careful maintenance; staff is also a more complex game operations have to admit that we do not care to worry about casino today to discuss is, roulette for some players. how it can become a vexing experience.

Speaking from the advantages!

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Roulette play simple, with all the fun and excitement of table games feature you simply bet on their lucky numbers and wait for the wheel; it has a variety of betting options, odds from 1/1 up to 35 / 1; casino win rate is reasonable, all bets are 2.7% (on a single zero roulette, roulette is Macau main types); visual effects tempting, if you bet a zone number, and the roulette ball When these numbers fall, the kind of excitement is indescribable. So why this game might turn into a nightmare?

Cost is the core of the problem

Compared with baccarat or poker and other games, roulette is not a casino to Gaming. This means that the number of small roulette most casinos, and generally higher betting limits. That is to play Join the more expensive it will be a game. When the low-stakes roulette table appears, people will swarm, chaotic scene then began.

Taiwan edge of space

An ordinary roulette table can comfortably accommodate four passengers to sit down and play, you can add a few standing barely play-off, charge betting chips on the table of some 1 lost 1. once owned the twenty people, the situation would get out of hand. They may be pushing and shoving, as close to the table. If the unlucky pushed to one end of the table, and you want to bet in small numbers, some trouble.

When the situation is out of control

Roulette table side a major dispute, someone put his stack of chips when you run into the side, even aggressive play-off chips move away directly to others in the crowded scene, someone might order chips into their own place and keep out of reach roar off to the dealer and other players. When playing a disgruntled passenger began to argue his stack position, a disaster in the making of. will result in a long time arguing upgrade delay. Many of these disputes will be reported to management, the use of cameras to help identify the condition.

Games Rhythm

When the table is covered with full of chips, it is possible in between each game there is a long delay. If the dealer more experienced, often can grasp the situation, but if a novice, there may be troubled. Inexperienced dealers easy to become flustered, will frequently seek to identify and correct to the boss when paying prize money. The worst situation is to win chips dealer taken away, then it is likely to be some heated rhetoric.

How to solve?

If you are a spender, find a roulette table should not be hard to sit down and relaxed pleasure.

Normal play-off also has a solution. Modern science and technology are answered, and that is electronic roulette electronic roulette is the most popular electronic gaming section, this electronic version eliminates the Live Roulette in headache elements.

Electronic roulette game in a game, you have your own touch terminals, you can bet at their own pace and choose betting limits, even the smallest customer can take care of to play. You have a fixed period of time betting, if missed round of betting can only blame themselves. accelerate the pace of the game, now there a new version, you can bet on more than one wheel at a terminal.

However, do not forget the unique taste of traditional roulette site. Imagine sitting on edge of the stage, facing the hill piled chips, easily took a corner table laying, when you turn out the lucky number, the dealer will big pile of chips toward you! If you have never experienced live roulette, you should never miss. you can try to want to change the style of electronic roulette, play at their own pace, to avoid "chaos" situation.

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