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Sands Macao casino roulette limit red

I recorded some Sands Macao Casino Of Roulette Limit red, for your reference, I would like to roulette and less interested in the Macao Special helpful friends.

5 yuan, solitary MARTIN: 5-100 (minimum bet - the maximum bet, the same below)

6 Number: 5-300

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12 Number: 10-500

Red and black: 20-1000

25 yuan, solitary MARTIN: 25-500

6 Number: 25-500

12 No: 100-2500

Red and black: 100-5000

50 yuan, solitary MARTIN: 50-1000

6 Number: 50-1000

12 No: 200-5000

Red and black: 200-10000

100 yuan, solitary MARTIN: 100-2000

6 Number: 100-2000

12 No: 500-10000

Red and black: 500-20000

As it can be seen from the above data, roulette limit common than red Baccarat To lower, 1: 1 red and black only 50 times, of course, there are some 50 times higher than the casino, the Sands limit baccarat red up to 1000 times, obviously the casino to protect themselves by limiting red, weakness is the player's casino opportunity, like a friend with cable can refer these limits red formulate suitable own cable.

There is a strange phenomena, to 5 yuan, for example, to buy six solitary small (regional) Up to 600 yuan, while the same is the package that six numbers, buy six numbers (ie pressure line) can only buy 300 yuan, 120 times that should be turned into a 60-fold; this is like in 25, 50 yuan more surprisingly, become pack six numbers and solitary small red is the same limit 20 times, that is to say, If you pack six numbers beyond the red limit, they had isolated the small change to buy a smart you should know how it is.

Further, with the increase in the minimum bet amount, including 12 limited number of red has become more and more "stingy."

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