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Lottery Policy Summit (DGLP) is busy developing a new US online gambling policy

Now the network has spread all over the world, so in the online world for conducting a lottery and gaming there was nothing special. In order to expand the impact of online gaming and lottery Policy Summit (DGLP) has established a legislative bodies, executive bodies, gaming regulators and gaming technologies providing institutional representative of the summit is busy developing and standardizing new US online gambling policy.

Ipsos' Paul Lauzon as a lottery, betting market research leader attended the summit on behalf of the field of online and offline gaming products and consumer markets .Ipsos while December is also the main sponsor of the activity, and he will participate as a representative of two Summit days.

"The Internet has changed the customer's consumption, which is such that makes lottery and gaming products to diversify." Ipsos' Vice-President of Lottery & Gaming Lauzon said, "The focus of our discussions at the summit will face the future of the institutions various aspects, and how to solve problems of all customers. I will also make some of our recent discovery, but also put us some insight into the future development of the gaming market. "

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Internet gambling, lottery policy summit will be in Washington DC Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, held on 5-6 December 2011. The event is a major player in the gaming policy makers through discussion between different topics and guests to share achievements in different fields to build a more mature partnership between the various agencies, in order to better understand the responsibilities of institutions of collaboration.

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