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The current situation of Kokang in northern Myanmar as seen with my own eyes

Kokang is located in the remote mountainous area of Myanmar. The Shan nationality is the main ethnic group (that is, the Dai nationality in China), and the rest include the Aini, Blang, Burmese, Han and other ethnic groups. Due to its close proximity to the Sino-Myanmar border, it is greatly influenced by China. The communication languages are mainly Chinese and Dai, and the RMB is also used as a common currency here. Kokang was also one of the Golden Triangle areas where drugs were rampant in the early years. Since the United Nations Anti-Narcotics Organization took action, with the strong support of the governments of China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, anti-drug measures have been gradually deepened. In 1992, Khun Sa, the largest drug lord in the Golden Triangle, led a drug-trafficking armed force of more than 10,000 people to surrender to the Myanmar government. Most of the remaining small groups of drug-trafficking armed forces also laid down their weapons and surrendered to the government.

The huge Myanmar New Jinjiang Entertainment Company is a very distinctive building, with two huge stone lions in front of the gate, as well as the legendary story of Myanmar religion. According to legend, a princess in the Kingdom of Burma was driven into the virgin forest by the cruel king. The princess lived alone in the virgin forest, and got the help of a male lion to take care of it. Live happily. A few years later, the old king missed the princess who was driven into the virgin forest by himself, and sent someone to the forest to bring the princess and her children back to the palace. The child grows up day by day, he is powerful, brave and sturdy, and likes to hunt. Once he met a male lion in the forest and looked at him affectionately from a distance. The prince wanted to hunt it down, but he failed repeatedly. The prince was very annoyed and vowed to kill the male lion. The prince racked his brains and finally killed the male lion. When the prince returned to the palace happily and reported the matter to his mother, the mother told the prince in grief: "Son, the lion you killed was your father, if we didn't have its protection and care , is now dead in the forest." The prince heard regret so much that after he became king, he ordered a pair of stone lions to be erected in front of all religious buildings in the country to commemorate the male lion.

Walking into the spacious hall of New Jinjiang Entertainment Company, there are dozens of baccarat tables and Pai Gow tables. Here you can see the appearance of all beings in front of money; some are happy and dancing; some are anxious and sweating; some are calm and don’t care about winning or losing; Note to hope to get the result of 'four or two dialing a thousand pounds'. The winner tipped the waiter in high spirits, while the loser frowned and borrowed money in a low voice.

On the baccarat table, some are carefully calculating the banker and the player, while the banker and the player are turning over the edge of the back-up poker with their hands, while excitedly shouting: "There is a side, there is a side." While humming a little song, he looked excitedly at the high chips in front of him. Others watched in frustration as the chips in front of them dwindled, sighed and slapped the remaining chips in their hands, roaring viciously: "I don't believe it, this is still Zhuang. "

I saw with my own eyes a winning gambler standing at the entrance of the hall in high spirits, holding a large stack of newly won banknotes in his right hand, and shouting wildly: "Come and pick up the money, the money is falling from the sky." Laugh out loud. Another gambler who lost money stared blankly at the ground, his face pale, as if the end of the world had come...

In the long run, gambling is only a game of losing and not winning. Needless to say, those who have lost will never die, and those who have won will always hope for a miracle to happen again, so they will return the winnings to the casino. Some people win money and then clear a large group of people to eat, drink, and spend money. Spend all the tens of thousands of dollars you won in one day, and then go to the casino to relive your old dreams. It's an endless war, and the same story is played out every day, which reminds me of a famous saying about opening a casino: "If you win, you won't come." As far as I know, Chen from the finance department of my company The old man has been hooked on slot machines since May this year, and has been mercilessly eaten by baccarat for more than 6,000 yuan, and his monthly income is only 1,200 yuan, and he is still fighting with baccarat... It is precisely such thousands of old Mr. Chen that support this huge new Jinjiang Entertainment Company.

Guaranteed gambling has become commonplace, and gambling equipment is all-encompassing and all-encompassing. There are many small gambling stalls, there is a kind of rural gambling equipment, the locals call it "conch": a rectangular flat wooden box, two meters long and one meter five wide. The top cover of the flat wooden box is opened at a 120-degree angle, and the two large dice are pulled upward by a rubber band. The six sides of the dice are painted with various animal patterns or points. The bottom of the wooden box is painted with the same animal patterns or points as the dice. The boss is the banker, and the bettor has a good bet for the player. , the player pulls the long rope pulled by Zuo, and the two dice roll down the wooden cover into the wooden box. If one of them faces the sky with the same pattern or point as your bet, then you will win money. On the other hand, if you lose money, you can bet from one yuan to dozens of yuan. The case of loss is 1:1. There is also a local gambling booth called "water release booth". After Q and K, shuffle the poker in front of the bettor. In order to prevent cheating, use the dice cup to determine which one starts with the total number of two. Open to find the starter according to the total number of two cards, deal cards in a clockwise direction, each player has two cards, and then add up according to the number of cards in hand, the highest point is eight. If the two points are the same, it is called "leopard", "leopard" kills a single point, the biggest "leopard" is two nines. If the player's points are larger than the banker's points, they can win money, and vice versa, if the banker's points are the same, the player will lose. Compensation Example 1: 1 If you happen to have a "leopard" in the hands of the player, and the dealer is a single point, then you will be congratulated, and the dealer will pay double. Bet anywhere from ten yuan to several hundred yuan.

Whenever night comes, Kokang always changes from the scorching heat of the day to a cool breeze. When I was bored, I invited my colleagues to go shopping. In some small houses on the side of the road, some women in dark clothes were sitting, sending ambiguous eyes to the single men passing by in front of the door. Colleagues told me these were brothels. Thanks to the support and protection of the SAR government, these brothels with several neon tubes hanging from the doors have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain.

I'm amazed at how rampant the porn industry is. Colleagues said that most of the women here are from the mainland, and there are also some Burmese women. Due to various reasons in real life, drifting here, incognito, doing flesh and blood business that I do not want to do, do not want to do but have to do.

I wandered aimlessly to an Internet cafe, and a friend suggested: "Everyone is fine anyway, why don't you go watch the video to pass the time." So I went to the Internet to watch the video. Walking into a poorly furnished Internet cafe, I just pick a place to sit down and chat while looking at the monitor. I saw five or six young women in the crowd in front of me get up and leave. My colleague handed me a cigarette, lit it, and said to me with a smile: "Watch some colorful movies, all the Internet cafes here have A film." I thought, "It's okay to see it."

Although I have peeked a few pornographic films in the mainland before, this is the first time I have watched it in public. They are in their twenties, are you still afraid of being embarrassed?" After reading it, I noticed that they were the same as usual, and there was nothing abnormal. I was weird at the time, but after a long time, I understood. When these pornographic videos are so proliferating, you are also numb to it, even a little disgusted, and you don't want to watch it at all.

That night, I lost sleep, and my mind was always thinking about those scenes... After tossing around until after three o'clock in the morning, I suddenly remembered the words of the sage Confucius: "Eating men and women, eating sex is also." Everything was normal, so I stopped thinking about it. .

Kokang is a place full of temptation. A friend joked: "Guokang is a place where people are transformed. A good person will become a bad person here."

I'm so glad I didn't go bad until I left Kokang (believe it or not...)

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