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Stud Technical Training Tips

Stud each player who are eager to become the God of Gamblers, but the God of Gamblers not easy achievement, in addition to innate qualities, but also need to go through hard training. To see so many people at the shuttle field ups and downs, more than the heart can not bear, special dedication Gamblers training Miji set, mutual encouragement.

1. Ninjutsu training.

Resolute into gold.Gamblers first recruit training program so as ninja.Shuttle's recommended that the God of Gamblers put a loose shirt, have the best pajamas, a cup of tea, a touch of green tea, to listen to music, relax, soothing suggestions to point zither.Imagine yourself as a fisherman, fishing people, who want to maintain a Stud fisherman mood.You use the hook is very unique that kind of, that kind of used JiangTaiGong.Hook is not curved, but straight.Understand the intentions of "Grandfather Jiang fishing, take the bait."The truth.Cards well on the cover.Card is good or not less plus plus.Try not to hook the other side, leaving the fifth.The best you let the other shuttle.The key is to endure Ninjutsu ordinary people can not endure, tolerate, but also no longer brook.Supporting materials had unassailable preparation of the "holy canon Stud articles" and Jay's "Ninja".

2. murderous training.

A martial arts there will be a murderous killer body.A good shuttle who also must have a murderous.Although not as murderous invisible, but it is a spiritual force.By the courage, confidence, fighting spirit and so on constitute.Shuttle's proposal to put a straitjacket, a cup of coffee, listen to music, to the point of fast-paced rock.Imagine yourself as a swordsman, and people battle to Chang'an Avenue.Autumn, leaves, dusk.You and your opponents distant sea, over the street no others.Because you are master blows, I do not want to hurt the innocent.Understand the intentions of "quitting brave victory," the truth.Good emphasis on the appropriate note cards.When it is judged cards face better than home when he aggravated injection or Stud.Of course, as the master blows as deadly as long as a real trick.So you've been waiting for an opportunity to the opponent the opportunity to fly shuttle.In the fourth time if it is judged to have a big play than the other pair on the shuttle in an attempt to trick a fatal.Supporting materials have Cologne's "Queling" and Fish Leong's "courage.".

3. Blind Man training.

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This training is not want you to close your eyes, but you do not want to look at their cards, so you and your opponent can see on the same.Because he can not see your cards, you will see his eyes with his hand.Because some of our newcomers tend to look at their own cards, and rarely to judge, to guess each other's cards.Do not look at their cards, allowing you to pay more attention to each other's cards and own Cards.Cards are good when you can appropriately increase the injection scare opponents.Such training can strengthen your cards on the other side of judgment.Imagine you're a swordsman, you have to cross a street to save a person, but a lot of people stop in your way.You tear off a piece of black pieces of cloth on my eyes, you say: "I do not want to see his brother's blood, let the brothers open."Then you all the way to kill the past, overwhelming.Cool it.Sometimes blindfolded but could see more clearly, because while blindfolded, you can only rely on hearing, your hearing becomes more sensitive to the.Hearing is also a judge.As long as you judge accurately, seen and heard all the same.

4. concentrate on training.

Stud when we must remain sober and highly attention.For example, some people brand super good, it tends to pause, wondering how much to add, afraid to scare off opponents, but opponents will therefore carefully raise the alarm.So when we must concentrate Stud, feel the kind of atmosphere site.So some people are particularly afraid of disturbed.This is not really concentrate.What is the real focus of it?Some people took the books to downtown to see, as in unhindered.This is the real focus.And we Stud come when there is often a good friend to chat, on the sidelines.Therefore, it is important to concentrate on exercises.In Stud, when a Web page in another open another chat room, open your QQ, call your friends to the sidelines, and talk to them.Society Stud in the chaos of the world in it, it would have been numerous and complex world, to adapt to it.

5. The sense of balance training.

Stud when we must maintain a sense of normalcy.Often we see someone one million gold, and 500,000 people Stud, if in a battle lost 500 000.His heart is in turmoil, and the remaining 500,000 will be easily lost, as if deliberately to lose like, totally lost the sense of.So no matter what happens Stud time, the heart must remain calm, calm.To avoid mood swings emotions.Ruo-Bing heart clear, the sky is not scared.Of course, to achieve this state, the will to strengthen the ideological and moral cultivation of exercise, and improve resilience to unexpected events, to adjust their mentality with the shortest possible time.To achieve this effect, when horror movies late at night.When the sudden horror picture not scared of you, I believe you should repair to improve a lot.Of course, if your heart is not very good, or do you think this training program is not for you, then.You can also go and see the Buddhist scriptures, self-cultivation.

Of course, there are many training programs, and sometimes can not think of a hope Replies to his collection of written training program, training out more God of Gamblers. Well, now called training, there must be training fee Training fee is You lose gold in the training.

Read so much, the heart of it, come up with 5 percent of your gold to participate in training now. In fact, is to buy a lesson lost a thousand, ten thousand lost is also a lesson, so in the training phase, do not take too much gold out In addition to the 5% of the gold stud, you will be in a very chic attitude conducive to your play. In fact, no matter what kind of training and experience of the most important, the most important number of innings. I think even a fool, you play Stud play the five hundred thousand innings, I believe you can be the middle of the shuttle God.

If you have a million, take fifty thousand out of play. Hit hundreds of thousands went to deposit fifty thousand. Left fifty thousand playing so again, when you use it to slowly win fifty thousand gold coins to your total three million When you are away from the God of Gamblers far away. Come on!

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