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Stud gambling experience classic offensive and defensive skills

1, observe

After you look at the chips on the table number, if the difference in the 50000 and can be accepted. If there is an exceptionally small points, such as a 40000, another 50,000, only 5,000 last one, you there are 100,000 This Board was particularly careful, it might be a trap three dozen multi-bet Watch also included in the process, observe each other and he bet the size of the sign face, what kind of contact, which can help you in When estimating the cards played him.

For example, an office you can not participate in the first, the other two in gambling, you can look at how they raise the side, and for how much, and they get a card the size of the home when they have anything to raise the last What outcome? Is someone using the exposed face in the big scary, there is a special like this scary? So you have to use the card in accordance with this feature when you can come and he bet.

2 bet to be rational

We know that the right to get certainly raise is one of the largest foreign brand, if this person is no longer to give up after the card size to determine the right to raise, and is sequentially pushed down, if you have at this time nine, the next house is J sign face, you'd better pass on without filling or less, to see how much he added, because now prevailing "big bullying the small", whether or not this person has a J-right, surely You add more, this situation is more common in the two gambling (another two have been abandoned), if you put a 500, he will be added to thousands, if not with you, that would give away 500 people, so why bother ʱ??

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As well as in more than gambling, when others do not raise or less pushed to raise raise when you do not easily see cards, unless you have very sure.For example, three in the betting, and K are A side surface and the Q side, you are Q plane, after 500 plays, they got 8 and 9, you get A, if you bet a little note on the point, if A person still faces a note you can see the fourth card call, do not go on the basis of his bonus to tempt him is not a pair of A, because he will be doubled if a pair of A plus you, you'd very passive, if he is not one pair of A, but there is determination and not necessarily win you a bet that you, in turn, give him something you have one pair in the hands of anticipation, after you get the three points very passive Q again lure if he has the call and he brought them into sheets A, ha ha you are more embarrassing, get to spend Oita to test, and if you lose really three A big! This situation is not uncommon.As the saying goes, "Where there is life, there is hope.".When you bet 3 must be rational.

3, how to Bo-

Now Stud "shuttle wind" prevailed, if the players want to Shun Bo luck is not very easy. A lot of times when people sign face seeing you have Bo-hand side will let you hook the blog, Ken with shuttle Bo-many people, there is also the majority Bo two smooth but sometimes you have a chance, Bo Shun, following a brief:

(1) Q, J, 10 is a three-Zhang Boshun necessary license, less one can not get along, you can not Bo-that you can not start to get these three cards.For a start charge injection will not be great, you can bear to see the cards.Once three hand will be able to consider home card size to decide whether to see the fourth card, if there could be two other pairs you'd better give up, there is a saying: cis not Bo two pair, the first 5 cards out of the four results will decide the winner, you only in the case of his gourd, and you can not get along in order to win and get it accounts for only a 25% of winning.Only the other party in the case of A and K and 8, 9, or you can consider a blog, because then he can not have cis or else may, up to three, if you Bo Jin Shun certainly the largest, found that only two kinds of, you Bo into the win, Bo, do not enter to lose, winning 50%.

(2) the clever use of a third party, Bo Shun.

If you want to be the player who shed the Bo-you can use a third-party opportunity to blog about. For example, three in the bet, you are beginning JQ, the other two are A and A, you can follow along on the opportunity, because, Two other no matter who is not only to take your card should also consider another brand, will scruples, not random and chaotic shuttle charge, you can see the cards with the note, maybe in the end you can get along defeat them. This is the use of the opponent to contain the opponent's skills.

(3) as much as possible to seize the initiative.

For instance, you have A card side, the other side has to Q, you get continuous Q, K, J, you can not stop and do not raise, to make them mistakenly believe that you have a pair A, to keep the filling, so he did not get two pairs in time would have been passive with your note, you can quickly finish card, called the initiative Bo injection method, of course, when you get A can also posing after three to frighten each other And when you blog to 10 after the other and get into two or three, then you give it.

4, see more than move

In fact Stud and blackjack as the cards have their own rules, sometimes attached to you while not big, so this time we must put positive attitude, calm face win or lose, do not rush to win back their money, not eager to win back their money in the same person. There are a lot of players would have been very confident cards, after the shuttle, and the shuttle was lucky to get along with, and lost a handful of big, just frantic, attached to gamble, you know Then people will bet a little card, the small probability as large probability, the results lose, it has been flying off to.

Each player must learn to restrain ourselves, patiently waiting for the opportunity to win back, playing a little grasp of the brand, can not alone luck and courage, which is to accompany the raising of the quality of a person, as the saying goes, "do not get mad years later." not to mention if you can wait a few times too! If you run into this person, you can cover attached laps, let him have the opportunity to win back their money, even if it is KK to 8A also cover, because such people We have lost reason and patience, what cards are dare, maybe he got three A yet further.

5, how to help each other determine scare you (slip)

There are a lot of cards, some people will use to scare you extra points last example: A sign face he has to scare you, posing as a pair of A, this situation is very common, you first raise Q sign face, his 9-Cards call, and he to Zhang A, then he has to face this card scare you dead so far, very passive ah. I think, or so, the other cards in your bet when the chips are not anti-spend, knowing of House brand than you adhere to look at the bottom, so that he and other people know that you are very firm, then later they trying to cheat you and scare you will have scruples, you will obviously dare to feel the pressure a lot smaller.

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