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First, under steady-win situation can not, not with people's shuttle out.

Second, under steady-win situation can not, generally do not shed out. This most critical and stable hand does not win often, so you can take advantage of the opportunity is not much in the stable is not necessarily win, but there are big hands After careful analysis and judgment, and then after the shuttle out, is very tricky. skills mainly in this regard, the main consideration when rival press code habits and psychology.

Third, the performance is not too weak, can not have charity. Show a weak, easily gained by others.

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Fourth, there is certainty in the case, may be appropriately bluff if never slip, it does not matter, but stabilization stolen cards do not steal a pity. Slip is an art, do not because the impulse to steal chicken, people will be very impulsive keep up.

Fifth, the shuttle is one of the largest science. When the brand got steady win when, in many cases to shuttle the only other people in the brand is small, estimated at less likely now, it does not shed out, add a little yards to earn, because the shuttle out of the whole people ran away, you will not earn more than a little. grandson, said soldiers who deception also, and shown it can not. When the anti-overweight people overweight again, a very strong desire to win You have a steady hand and win "without", considered to shuttle people out, it is the highest state of the shuttle.

Sixth, when you start with a small brand, best abandoned. In most cases with it, but lose a little more of it.

Seven, in the case of encounter attached lose, not irrational. Case attached to lose a dozen times, I often encountered, sometimes attached to lose a night. At this time it is best not to play, to rest. Beginner Players, at this time most will sigh: NND, how luck so easily shed out back then, or with others in the shuttle out, do not lose a lot of impulses in the face of adversity, do not be discouraged, and only the old players can do that?. Multi observe their own mind, do their own psychiatrist, it is the only way to quickly improve the technology, learn to summarize very important, win the mentality of the time what? How about to lose mentality? mind will tell you everything.

Eight, very calm in the face of opponents, best not to play, and find other people to play. In Game The impulse opponents plenty.

Nine, when four people play, you're not the best least one chip. Chip itself is a kind of pressure, you start playing a disadvantaged, are professional players to be avoided. Of course, do not play with the chips very few people, That is a waste of time, will sometimes mind ruining Play Stud Be very concentrate, if there are other things, must not play. Only in the case of calm to relax in order to make rational analysis and judgment.

Ten, must not put all the chips out to play. This is the most important one. You can put chips on the account, out of five percent or twenty percent play. Should not exceed the percentage The twenty, otherwise at high risk. In the wake of the recent one gambled, do not immediately turn to play, in most cases then will win the heart of a strong, emotional, and then they quickly gambled away, and then they immediately take chips, immediately gambled.

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