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Play the game and the reality of the Road Stud

When Chow starred one called "God of Gamblers" movie, many people began to know Stud It turned out to be a very exciting Game Later, a guy named Jack playing Stud risked their lives to catch the Titanic, people again saw Stud charm.

This often occurs in the ministries movie "star" has such a treatment, the highly anticipated, naturally began to pop up.

"Stud" is a Poker Games, five cards than the size, flush largest game with the cards, each card just take the suit "8,9,10, J, Q, K, A", there are spades, hearts, flowers, square piece of four, so the game total of 28 cards.

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Stud skills can all be summed up as 2 sub: actual situation.

Grasp the actual situation of the road is the key to victory examples of good hand to win less points uncommon;. Marketer bad cards to get points of the Board also abound in which the key is the actual situation of the road, can not check too. ?. What is the actual situation of insufficient virtual who also, in fact, more than those who are unlicensed is true, there is a real brand; fatigue is true, God is real enough.

Three times playing the divided state.

Underride way to "Virtual is virtual, but in reality false. "For starters, it is judged cards weaker, confidant and not know the enemy, the only good way to brand dare add, which was a down move, slow and steady, at every step. The disadvantage is unable to victory, good cards difficult to win points difference brand net loss of points.

Take the road to "False is false, but in reality empty of. "Playin 5000 Office, a judge capacity enhancement. You can line this method.

Common examples of false is false as follows:

1. A pair for 3. Hands Q9, 9, then 10, then you can hook up. Dare by less than one tenth.

2. A pair of two pairs as you have a small pair in the Ming and the other side has a big pair in the dark. You shuttle, less than one-fifth of those who dare.

3. Large to make two pairs you have a big pair in the Ming and the other has two small right. You shuttle, less than one-fifth of those who dare.

4. San licensed for a straight. But if along straight from nature. Dare by less than one-fifth.

5. hands what brand did not, but did not judge each other cards, the first to add an appropriate note.

6. pretending novice veteran can be your friends say, Oh, yesterday I lost 700 000 A so dare you here who gained less also.

Common examples of virtual reality as follows:

1. There are three rather than increase. Slowly with the last shuttle up.

2. There are two pairs to make a right. Do not add too much.

3. There are cards to win the first five finished no tax increases, the other side before the addition was completed and then re-raise you.

4. renaming playing. Do not use your name that have tens of thousands of innings of play.

5. You recharge your batteries but deliberately say: Ah tiring, playing two all night.

Superior of the road is "Falsehoods, and indeed, Xu Xuʱ??

Such as playing to the realm of ideas, no trace. This realm we all need to experience a. You will, "virtual is empty, but in reality false" above and "virtual is real, but in reality empty of" hybrid application on the line ʱ??

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