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Stud Eight taboo

A bogey: impatient

There are many players in the Game The process should not be raised when the blind raise. Always thought his cards well, others are vulnerable, that will be able to raise more than the enemy without fighting the soldiers. Of course, this is the art of war in terms of the "momentum" Sometimes it is very necessary. If the event of bold person or people tend to look for opportunities to slip on failure.

The main reason gold is often more impatient or lost dog eat dog. Coins think bullying, filled with resentment to lose the red-eye. This is Stud Taboo. This time we must keep the mind calm, otherwise it will be opportunity pummeled opponents.

Second, avoid: diffident timid

Obviously they did not dare a great chance. The main reason is less gold, or continuously lose too much, afraid and felt lucky not reach. Such a result may be grudge and eventually died. So when necessary, to do bold but cautious. blindly timid will only make the loss more opportunities.

Three bogey: luck

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As you obviously know each other a big right, your small, also happens to keep the total that they can get the same two pairs or three in fact little chance of victory is clearly not as good as the big right. Little of winning should not 40%. This is also a form of bluff, but do not retain any chances of heart.

Four bogey: I do not know day

Luck is very crucial for Stud Catch bad luck day time do you want to hold back. I had one day in a row to lose big on small shuttle key ten times to let the other side have also made four consecutive cis child. If it will not help raise or borrow money to win back the gold. As is often the result gambled even debt capital.

Five Note: not geography

It is to choose a good place to play cards. Choose to play their familiar place. And the best is to take a seat they have confidence.

Bogey six: do not distinguish people

To choose the opponent, but depending on the opponent conversion gambling law from gambling law is probably divided into three categories. First, cautious type, they are generally only 20 percent winning percentage, and some people even only 15%. The second is offensive, they winning more than 40 percent in general between the two is smooth to analyze their personality type can help you judge said card type as the art of war:.. Knowing your enemy friend, know yourself only better understand your opponent can be more. good to take the best strategies to deal with him.

Taboos: Analyzing unknown

AA when he out there at the same time people have little effect on the outside when the handle on the shuttle, opened it has been found that people with 3 or 2 pairs, or over, the other side there is a small outside right, Stud, and he probably also A pair of Azerbaijan. This situation sometimes other performance significantly, it is easy to see, sometimes obvious, it requires judgment. suggests that when only one pair of their own and the other party also has to be careful when. After all, only for the opponent to make an accurate judgment before it can take effective choice.

Eight bogey: treachery abusing.

Trickster is gained when you turned over J, out came a A shuttle when not handle it. Beware of the other as long as there would dare. Do not use this treachery. Peacetime or honest a little better. Honest not necessarily a disadvantage.

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