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Stud betting strategies and tips

Betting strategy "Studʱ??Game Is very important, there are many strategies and techniques. Here we only discuss the pass to kill BG betting strategy.

Come talk about what you want to pass to kill off the smooth surface called that sign face appears A9, K8 and a right, Triples card type called off along the surface, because such cards to fifth, how you can not make cis son, the so called off the cis, while the third part of the bet is a prelude Stud, but also an important opportunity to judge the other cards, it should be a good grasp.

If you get a A9, K8 and similar off the cis, cis and the opponent is not broken, and there wreath (AKQJ), this time the best strategy is to bet on the option to the opponent, the opponent to decide under or with how much, we again depending on the machine and the line.

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Then of course with no need to say, we look at the fourth card the other anti-plus, we have abandoned, with anti three options, abandon the Council end;. Now, look at the fourth, it can determine break along plane one is small right, a large number of points than your opponent flower cards (including cards flower cards flower cards and desktop form a pair of possible), to buy out along the surface where the wreath three cases; the opposite, the general to be applied to the other gold more than 15% of the total, for example:

200W 5W BG (virtual currency)

* 8A VS * QK

5W: 5W

Plus 10W (total wager this side gold 7.5%)

Anti-added to the 300,000 (total wager this side gold 17.5%)

Many powerful type of players often will choose to do, doing so has several advantages:

1. Is the other side of the cards determine more clearly;

2. to the opponent is tremendous pressure, psychological endurance test of the opponent;

3. opponents with words, the fourth to the big one's own or a pair of opponents tend to give up, the two sides did not come to hand, but rather one's own does have a big pair, you can select the shade, you can choose Stud.

All in all, this play is forcing opponents battle with me, is very effective against the conservative players a strategy. So, if you are a conservative best players do not talk like people to play, you afford to lose, and not afraid to lose opponents , the momentum is weak, but also how other people play it? leave as early as possible is wonderful!

Speaking of the main method is to bet on and off along the surface before the test, in fact, a lot of time before the third choice test is an important means of scoring, in the face of a pair of cases, meaning before the trial of the other three cards face before even greater, proposes to increase the injection, (over 20%), resulting in a hint to you and his battle atmosphere, the opponent is not a triple, then often choose to give up. Of course, you can also choose to follow or to give up the tactics, vary.

Fourth bet is the climax of the whole Stud, most often hand carried this to a halt, because after more than one card, card type of change and the variables to fifth last possible reality too many players out how much your proposal to pass to kill the sidelines master cards, (often win the master it is certainly can not go wrong) and then combine their combat to constantly sum up experience.

Fifth bet there is not much you can say where the brand faithful to remember the word cautious enough, not greedy for example the following cards:

* A89A VS * KQJ10

In this case all you extra points go under or have been completely unnecessary, because the opponent is not smooth, it will not give you points, he opened to you, you are one hundred percent of output, but on the contrary all opponents pressed down, and you open the case, Perhaps there is the possibility of victory. I came across several such people, Junko opened his AA, Oh, of course I do not encourage a minute without, but to strategically add or not add or anti add , fill, but also more than a fifth of profit to be made.

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