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Play and the difference between ordinary blackjack blackjack Spain

Today to explain what is Spain (spain)Blackjack It and general play blackjack any difference.

Spanish Blackjack is blackjack variants. If Casino The rules require the dealer called soft 17:00 stop or allow to double again, the Spanish blackjack blackjack can be better than ordinary. So if you want to play and the rules are not the same as ordinary blackjack or want find a lower house edge Game Play, you should consider the Spanish Blackjack Spanish Blackjack pay using a 6-8 card, but only 48 per pay cards, not 10:00. We all know that if a 10-point less, apparently casino advantage Advantageously the dealer would. So in order to compensate for this, the casino will have a series of rules favorable to the players, such as permit scoreboard after double bid after the surrender, and after a pair of A scoreboard bid.

The following are some of the Spanish Blackjack strengthen rules:

Blackjack player always wins, even if the dealer also Blackjack

Players can also win a natural blackjack dealer's natural blackjack

Players can double on any two cards when

Players can usually be in a scoreboard after A bid and doubled again (but some casinos do not allow such a start)

Players can surrender after doubling to halve losses (called double Rescue)

Consisting of five cards blackjack payment

Consisting of six cards blackjack lost 2: 1

Consisting of seven or more cards blackjack pay 3: 1

6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of different flower combinations pay 3: 2, in combination with flower lost 2: 1, Hearts flush lost 3: 1.

The player's bet is $ 5- $ 24>, the flush of the dealer's 7-7-7 with a bright open 7 could win $ 1000, but if the players bet more than $ 25, you could win $ 5000. Other players can also get the same table Jealousy bonus $ 50, but this rule does not apply scoreboard after the case.

Pay attention to:

1, the dealer usually soft 17:00 bid

2. After doubling all blackjack bonus is invalid

3, usually pay no 10:00 6-8 cards

4, some casinos allow doubling repeated three times

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