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Stop control on the blackjack tables

Crown is good enough to play, but we have bad luck, played nine talent to win back lost in Sydney, and then reeled up to 40,000 Australian dollars two days. So please recognize that card counting passengers and jade exhibition brother together for dinner to celebrate. Unfortunately, fear of winning dinner, after dinner to lose about 10,000 stop-loss point, where brother and jade exhibition under a joint three hands each two thousand Australian dollars, lose wronged.

When practicing card counting, card type appears I do not have too little to remember, for example, 16 to seven, I really do not add more than 9 results under 6,000 cards to get 16, count to 11. I really did not consider that is added according to habit, the Trang bust plus off the win 6,000 6,000 became lost. lost 12,000 I even was upset, back to the room to check the book to get a chance to avenge the 10000, San Liangxia has been Chiqu. upstairs to calm down, think of jade exhibition cover brother (his next big injection was less likely to be noticed) but does not play, so let's use 10 000 .......

Statistically, stop-loss point is a misconception: If you play for an hour to lose to stop-loss point, stop or not stop the past few months, I left a lot of time during off hours, there are about 10 times to lose? stop-loss point, the results of earlier work half and half to retake the money to fight. to overseas, carry limited funds, but should stop-loss control?

Melbourne has several Weekend Market, Queen Victoria's largest market to sell things than ordinary, and another two in St. Kilda road is worth a visit. Close to the river walk five minutes away from the crown went to the other in the sea, 10 AUD taxi can be.

I look back and forth travel magazine advertising spend nearly 50 Australian car market is a mistake to go to complete waste of time, not worth going too far in the future to know.

Local card counting off we encountered learn card counting passengers from Macau, had three horses membership card counting for group work. The three horses were off membership card counting Casino Blacklisted, after only the lowest note going Trader by her results themselves but because from 100 Australian dollars Baccarat Win up to 40,000 yuan, the funds play baccarat and removed from the end to lose!

Gambler-turned-off when the learn to count cards count cards, often because Blackjack Become a living tool and lose interest. And the environment at the body full of temptations, and put their hard earned money to lose work in Rotary table, Baccarat,Poker On many cards passenger count is poker pros, two working swaps to reduce burnout work. I places read, spend time writing.

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