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Play blackjack in Macau mentality of (a) Macau casino gambling is best not to play regulation

I was mainland, went several times to get permits casinos in Macau and Hong Kong gambling boat.

Heaven knows there are twenty-one in this world, but I can not also go, only in Macau and board play.

Mr. Dai Zailang repeatedly stressed that Macau is the world's twenty-one gambling regulation worst place on this rotten place gambling regulation, and I always enjoy it.

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About five years ago, my first time to play XXI in Lisboa. Along with a tour group, seven people accounted for a table. Are acquaintances, there are several experienced old K do our command. I remember His teaching method is 15,16, life and death without cards. Banker also frequently bust. I use 2000, won net profit 5000. I took the old K drive down the "playing will be lost!"

I am very obedient, very satisfied indeed to have a disobedient old boy, first won ten thousand, we left he was still fighting hard.The results did not win, but also lost more than ten thousand inverted.I was on the stage, there is good to see a fellow fire me, take me in front of 1,000 yuan to buy a pair bet.The results I got Black Jack.I win he lost.The first play twenty-one, gave me a very good impression second visit, one year later.Also in Lisboa.I play a man, what strategy do not know.2000 yuan for a boondoggle, I also see the difference on the income of another compartment of the year, the third time to Macau, know that there is Sands, know the difference between gambling regulations, but also repeatedly in SJM's gambling regulations Under the new century, back to power, the Pharaoh, dragon, Casa Real twenty-one play a few times, "victories" as follows:

New Century: Play twenty-one lose 8,000 yuan, by playing Baccarat Pay back 22,000 yuan.

Casa Real: washing 8000 yards, lost 2,800 yuan can bet the only times 11:00, I met five times, and five times gave me an A, became 12:00, were making kill evil. the door! I 8000 yards finished, his wife 2,000 yuan code in baccarat has not finished later by her win in baccarat 1,600 yuan, a small input end. Really thoroughly discredited.

In the back of the little lost 300, can not stand them super fast licensing, Black Jack also forced to fetch water, and to be busy at home fool people buy insurance arrogance, early an end.

Pharaoh, twenty-one lost 4000, by I Rotary table Somehow win the 3500, and his wife at the baccarat win 1500, only to retain a small win victories.

Overall, SJM twenty one disadvantage as follows:

A: poor attitude, demeanor, makes you feel very uncomfortable for guests, there is always a condescending arrogance!.

Two: gambling regulation is poor, sub gambling opportunities are being plundered times, so you do not have much chance of winning.

III: Play the guests, 99% do not know even the basic strategy, add their own brand of action 12_16 point, often provoke supercilious and big money on the rules who is who speaks, I have a few flower arrangements are being refuses plus card play dead.

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