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Zhang John talk about blackjack card counting technique (below)

Casino against card counting passengers often outweigh the benefits. Many managers see the guests as an enemy, casino manager supercilious real guests felt and transitions. Casino card counting profit decline that was then cut into thick walk-off win, shuffling over time Let the guests impatient, business is worse. Some casinos also spend money on the blacklist, creating a vicious cycle.

Most people spend about 70 and 80 hours to learn to count cards, if you spend 10 hours to learn basic strategy, with twenty thousand US dollars bookie can already get a good reception.

Twenty thousand too much? You can use less .Las Vegas Ahisory discount coupons. Coupons vacation probably ran over, the possibility of transmission is very low.

Celestial people like to play baccarat, some people think that to lose double, it is less likely to lose. Wrong.

Lost redouble people should agree a draw NOTE average will lose, if there are a lot of people tie Note, under $ 10 lose, at $ 20 to win to take over, lose it again at $ 40, since under the flat note who summed output, doubling have concluded is "lost."

Some people thought that end home control card, always thought he (she) Cookin harm, it is not. Last home will harm, but also to save lives. But we will blame the victim, not rescued thanks.

How much money to take? How long ready to fight? 4 hours? One day? Three days? 12 hours.

Max Rubih wrote "Comp City" tells you how to get good reception. If you're not able to do the average money, the more full of the table, the better. Manzhuo 1 hour play about 40 back.

Casino blackjack is generally assumed average lost two percent off, usually entertain with a quarter of a predetermined winning, playing basic strategy about five thousandths lose, you lose on average in hospitality by almost beat slower or tables manager to see bigger nowadays, can increase the amount of entertainment.

But I do not know how to count cards in a lot of big names out temporarily away from the table, you can also drop at the end the average transmission rate.

If your goal is only casino in the free or cheap vacation, how much money should you bring?

You expect three days altogether to play 12 hours (at other times to see shows, shopping), 1 hour about playing 40 hands total of 480 hands. If the average 30 yuan per men, you average about lose $ 30 × 0.005 × 480 = $ 72, but you can not with only 72 yuan, 95% of your results will fall lose between $ 1588 and $ 1444 win:

$ 1588- $ 72 = 2 × √1.33 × 302 × 480

Average under $ 30 (casinos typically require that you at least $ 25 before scoring the next), you have a 2.5% chance gambled $ 1588 with $ 1600 1 enough people to play 3 or 4 days.

100 people go to Las Vegas with $ 160,000 in accordance with the basic strategy of playing blackjack, only one person will lose from the end.

Will be counted cards to win, you have to take at least 5,000 yuan, twenty thousand more have to face two hundred twenty thousand Opportunities (Shinji), under the thousandth, one hour on average earn about $ 20, not enough? More ready money, playing bigger.

Casino promotions, sometimes valuable, noteworthy is the casino manager, and sometimes make mistakes. Father's Day to launch a casino BJ pay twice the upper limit of $ 5,000, less than half will be canceled in the past have casinos allow you to different points are separable cards, some three times the insurance compensation (never insurance).

If you lose, you can play 10%, an average of 100,000 yuan per men earn $ 3768, but the best bet to prepare 2.2 million yuan to do this!

While blackjack card counting is a good investment, but despise the rich, they have a lot of investment opportunities, do not care about lose a little money.

I was a friend to count cards casino unbearable harassment (no card counting illegal, but some casino employees afford to lose crazy), to concentrate on doing business made a fortune. To change the casino does not play dice blackjack play. I'm for him sorry, but I count what pieces of onion? worth of 50 million people!

Finally, I recommend that you do not stress, do not have too serious to count cards, and enjoy the game stimulate it!

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