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Getting online casino play blackjack knowledge

One,Blackjack Basic Rules

Blackjack General use 1-8 cards the dealer to each player two cards dealt face up; give yourself dealt two cards, one card face up, one card face down .K, Q, J and 10 cards are counted as 10 points. A card can also be counted as 1:00 11:00 counted as decided by the players themselves. 2-9 all remaining cards according to their original face value. If the players get two ago Brand is an A and a 10-point card, it has a Black Jack (Blackjack); In this case, if the dealer does not blackjack, players will be able to win 1.5 times the bet (2 lose 3) Black Jack players can not. Continue to take the card, so that the total number of points as close as possible, but not more than 21 points; if more than 21 points the player will "explode (Bust)" and losing bet.

If the dealer's total number of points is equal to or less than 16 points, you must get a license (Hit); if the dealer's total number of points is equal to or greater than 17:00, you must stand (Stand).

Second, blackjack term

DRAW (HIT): let's use a card.

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Suspension (STAND): no longer get a license

Scoreboard (SPLIT): Players then the next note with the original bet equal stake, and the first two cards into two separate licensing vice these two cards must have the same number of points (ie a pair of 8, one pair of K. and after a pair of Q). divided into two decks of cards, a card and a 10:00 A card can only be counted as 21:00, can not be counted as black jack.

Double bet (DOUBLE): players get after the first two cards, and then the next injection can bet equal to the original bet (if that less can be doubled), then only one additional card if you get. Black Jack, is not allowed to double the bet.

Insurance (INSURANCE): If the dealer's face-up card is A, the player can buy insurance, which is equivalent to half the original bet if the player is convinced that an additional bet next one is 10:00 banker cards, you can buy insurance. If the dealer does have blackjack, the player will win 2 times the insurance bet; if the dealer is no Black Jack, the player will lose the insurance bet,Game As usual to continue. Black Jack is greater than the total number of points for the other 21:00 of the card.

Third, blackjack (blackjack) Case Comparison Online Casino The difference between the actual casino

1. Online casino bonus, but no actual casino bonus

2. Online casino no time limit and space

3. Online casinos have a private station and public station, one person can play one or more hands, is not affected by other people, but the actual casinos generally only public station

The online casino is usually the minimum bet is $ 1 (individual casino only $ 0.1), while the actual casino minimum bet is usually more than $ 10.

Fourth, what is the best casino deposits and withdrawals?

I personally use neteller and Click2pay access money, not at any cost, and 24 hours to arrive, more convenient.

You can also use credit card, withdrawals, can be by check or wire transfer, ach other forms of exchange to your own account, neteller time longer than a few days

5, how to steal from the casino bonus

The first online casino to open an account, often have a very good promotion, usually 100 for 100.

A simple mathematical algorithm. In blackjack, for example, one yuan each bet, play 1000, according to the average probability calculation, you lose $ 10, may be the casino gave you $ 100, plus you deposit 100, 190 can be made, profits $ 90, return 90%.

Theoretically absolutely do the same, the following points must be noted:

1. Choose a reputable casino

This is very important, or even money, you also take away

2. Try to use minimum bet bet

3. achieve wager requirement casino required immediate withdrawal

Need to know, the more you play, the more you lose

4. The strategy card were play

5. In other casinos, then follow the above strategies play

I changed the first month of 2000 is 300 so play out

Sixth, we should pay attention to what matters before playing online betting

1. Be sure to read the casino's general terms and conditions

General casino a family, a IP, an address, telephone can only have one account, otherwise future withdrawals have trouble, I personally intend to in the future after the move, with my wife in the name of these good casino playing again

2. Read the promotion terms and conditions again

Most casinos reached before the wager requirement is not allowed to play roullete, craps, sicbo and bacarrat game, be safe, even at the wager requirement is not playing, really want to play, so the next re-deposit to play with, so we must be careful Read the terms, and note how much wager requirement, bonus is cashable or noncashable.

3. Read withdraw policy

You can look at the time of withdrawal and procedures, be aware that some casinos require you to provide a driver's license or utility bill as well as double-sided copies of credit card and other information, the information I personally put his deposit up after scanning, such as casinos need, a pass in the past on the line email

4. There are many casino software is how much gambling can be found, usually in the cashier section in the comp points was found, I usually have in mind before you play this number, then comes to an end, do not compare to know up reached the wager requirement. Also this comp point can be converted into chips, typically pressure of 1,000 yuan, can get 1 yuan

5. Prior to cash out on the safe side, ask the support representative, because if you do not reach some casino wager requirement to cash out, they may cancel your profit, you count as bonus abuser, or even the principal amount will be returned to the After you, sealing your account

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