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First betting or the first investment? (C)

The so-called "Comp" is Complementary acronym refers to the casino entertainment. In general, the casino will find valuable player for his show hospitality accommodation, air tickets, cash back or even lose money commission or discount.

"Comp City" mainly teach basic strategy blackjack players use to obtain casino entertainment. Casino player bets the amount according to the proportion of the general entertain players, such players to the casino, an average of $ 100 each to the next, playing 20 hours. Casino players estimate about 1 hour play 60 back ($ 6,000), 20 hours total $ 120,000 bet, the casino player loses an estimated 1% (the players play baccarat and even lose bureau from about 1.1%), lost about $ 1,200. casino win with expected money (actual players might win or lose thousands 10,000), about 40% ($ 500) back players, hope he continues to visit.

Most of this $ 500 room and board to entertain indirectly paid players, so the actual cost is less casino (for example 500 yuan 100 yuan hospitality room for 3 nights, 200 yuan catering).

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Great players play, of course, entertain more.

How to estimate the amount of casino player bets? Tables serve to monitor recording time players table, tables round the table from time to time to monitor, record players bet amount on your computer, to be the player away from the table, record prison  estimated that he (she ), the average amount bet and win or lose (lose weight much more likely to give account of the way).

Comp City therefore recommended that players play bigger when monitoring presence.

Some countries casinos wash code directly complimentary ticket or cash back way, entertaining clients, more accurate estimate than surveillance.

Most casino blackjack gambling rules, basic strategy players average lose one percent less than the basic strategy players had the chance to meet the basic strategies required amount bet casino lose much enjoyment entertain.

For example, players with $ 100,000 in the second officer to Bellagio playing card tables, he put down $ 1,000 each, one hour $ 60,000, playing 30 hours can get 7 nights, show hospitality and accommodation $ 7,000 cash back commission. He bet a total of approximately $ 1.8 million, casino him back about $ 10,000, he was "average" (basic input rate of 1.9 per thousand), lost only $ 3,500!

Bellagio is certainly not standing still fool. But the players are useless or expert judgment will take time. In order to at least give business students the opportunity to face a few times ...... your basic strategy play to Bellagio by the hospitality, probably can survive 4,5 times ...... may also go Caesar's, Venetian .......

If the casino back yard wash complimentary ticket one percent, you lose a fraction of the average basic strategy play, then you are paid with casino spending four fold. For example, you buy 100,000 yards to a casino, $ 1,000 will receive a complimentary ticket , you washing about 100,000 yards bet 200,000, an average of 400. If the casino lost income 1000 yuan a night hotel complimentary ticket is the price, then you spend 400 yuan is equal to stay in a hotel. How to make the casino overestimate the amount of your bet, underestimated your game, you can refer Comp City or Ian Anderson wrote "Turning Tables at Las Vegas". Ian Anderson recommended that players make a small mistake disguise themselves confused casinos, such as A7 for village without 9, 12 pairs of 3 without ... ... use of the wonderful Bottom of Heart.

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