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Insurance and surrender blackjack rules

Insurance That in 庄家亮 the card is A, since the chances he got BJ great, players can bet half of the insurance. If the dealer does not get BJ, insurance on lost, if the dealer to get a BJ, double the insurance money paid to players. Many players in the case of BJ's got, it will bet half of insurance to ensure that they can win back double the bet, because if the dealer does not BJ, he can win the bet doubled half, remove losing half times the insurance, but also win double the bet; if the dealer has BJ, that they sign face tie, but the insurance can earn double the bet.

Surrender, Then only lose half the bet. If your cards are 10 and 6, Zhuang Jialiang the card is A, it is still good to surrender as early as possible.

Dealer at the poker hand is A, it will ask you whether to buy insurance, then check their cards if BJ. If a player hand is 10, will check whether BJ, but this time the players will not be able to buy the insurance. If card player to explode, considered lost, making the spot to close off his bet.

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When all the players have to make a choice, the dealer's play is fixed: bluff, if the number of points less than five p.m., it must be brand until more than sixteen points, or explode if both parties so far have not left. ringing off the hook, is closer Blackjack That wins, if both points are identical, the operator tie.

On top of these basic rules around Casino Also some changes, such as some casinos in soft five p.m. (vi counted eleven points when referred to as "soft", such as A and 6, is soft five p.m.) is stopped, while others must continue to be ; some casino continuous scoreboard can only have a maximum of four times, and some can go on infinitely divided; some eight cards only once; after some casinos are not allowed to redouble scoreboard; Some casinos are not allowed to surrender, and so some variants Blackjack Game, Such as "double light" is the dealer's two cards are lit, but if the same number of points the two sides, count the dealer wins. Another example is with the size of the ghost .Joker blackjack dealer to get the wild card was thrown away, players get the wild card, but you can specify the number of points it, such as make up eleven, or when using eight and so on.

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