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How can Blackjack betting winnings?

Many players play the game, it is not all players are capable of winning in the game? The answer of course is no. However, you want to win money in blackjack, then as soon as possible to learn the blackjack game is the key.

We do not know how to play cards twenty-one points cards? I count twenty-first card Chiai has reached a level, you can say that a day does not play twenty-one Points cards will be no peace. Of course, I play for so long twenty-first point card must have got a winning card twenty-one Points skills. today and share with you now.

The most popular brand twenty-one points winning skills, in my opinion, but are six points: First, when you get the A-8 or A-9, we recommend that you suspend.Second, if you get the license number is 17 points or more, then you have to be suspended because of the low ratio of non-explosive card worth such a risk.Third, if you are making a brand name for 10, then we can always get a license to get 17 points on it.Fourth, if the dealer brand name for 4,5,8, then our own as long as reached 12 points on it.Fifth, if the dealer brand name is 6 or less, so long as we can get a 13-16 point suspension.Sixth, I suggest that you never want to own a pair of 5 Unpack the fight.He suggested Ace apart, unless your dealer is Ace.

We used to play cards winning twenty-one points randomness skill itself, so we can not guarantee the next hand you can win, but we can let the opportunity to win under the existing conditions improve to the maximum extent, we can according to their own cards and the dealer's cards on the other side to use statistical methods to consider our own steps, try to get the best results.

Of course, the winning hand is not just contain Ace of two cards, but soft cards include Ace. We can have more algorithms to calculate the number of cards. We do not recommend the partakers is very brand to dismantle card, if we The number of points is 11, then it should be doubled, unless the dealer hand is Ace. If we reach 12 points, the banker is 6:00, then we will suspend the.

It's a different play different natural skills are different, but we can summarize slowly in constant practice suitable for their skills, playing cards twenty-one points, too, described above these twenty-one card winning points Tips not apply to everyone, but we can improve on the basis of this, the only way you can really grasp a part of your blackjack skills Fun only mastered the blackjack game skill, it may be easier to win money in the game.

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