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Blackjack betting strategy epic

I remember reading a Blackjack Epic story, these days a little in-depth study, Experiences and share.

We take a look at the epic "Blackjack"Game Betting policy making.

1. Plan:

At night Casino, Carried out according to plan and twenty gambling (gambling 100,000 per year, ie one fifth of the total funding), and never temporary additional;

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2. Method:

(1)"Win from losersʱ??.The specific meaning: the three are grouped.Brought funds to twenty thousand yuan, for example, the first disc pressing two hundred dollars, if negative, the second set and then press two hundred, then negative, the third set is still two hundred yuan, also negative, places start in the same manner The second group.If you win the first set, the second disc will be pushed out to win two hundred (a total of four hundred dollars), to clinch the eight hundred dollars and then pressed, still wins, then the end of the first set.Re-start the second set with two hundred.In short, no matter which dish wins, all the pressure will be the bargaining chip to win the next set, until the end of the group.(Listen to "Kings" explanation: the vast majority of players are psychological "loser can not afford to win", that is, two hundred yuan lost the first set, the second set pressure of four hundred, lose, press six one hundred (or eight hundred).Always want a comeback, salvaged all the losses, but there is no awareness of risk control.On the contrary, if the first set to win two hundred, the secondary Bureau of the recovery is still pressing two hundred, win another one, and then two hundred, always want to keep the fruits of victory.Visible, lose bet is magnified when, while winning is equal --- typical "loser can not afford to win.".As a result, a small win after mostly refused to close hand, after gambled walk away, and leave a "just play," the self-psychological comfort.Therefore, if you want to win, first control risk, to "win from losers," confidence in the victory already in hand half.ʱ??

(2) 12 points or more (including 12 points) Never outs; ("Kings" explanation: less than or equal to 16 points must outs of rules making very negative, fill out from 6-K of the "bust" opportunity too. Take 12:00 will not be replaced more often the dealer had "explosion" in front of you. Since 12:00 can win, what is the difference with blackjack win? The reason why most people get 15 points also complement brand, or do not understand the rules, or due to lack of greed, the result "explosion" in front of the dealer).;

. (3) 10, J, Q, K, A combination of any two sheets will not split, but the two sheets A resolutely open ("Kings" Explanation: 20:00 almost certainly win, why would "hand of duck" split into two actively look greedy? A two or equal to 2:00, or equal to 22:00, it must be disassembled.)

3, discipline:

Whether a certain length of time to rest, the outcome amounted to 50 percent of program funds when and if always reach this limit, places the time.

From two points of view 1,3, epic first determine the stop point and only win points, namely 10% of total funding. Stop, ensuring he would not result in the loss because of excessive losses Gambling The capital, but also on maintaining stable state of mind useful; only to win, I think more is helpful mentality, honed strictly enforce the rules these two deceptively simple, but it is most difficult to achieve in practice. He faced fear of human greed instinct, the instinct is undoubtedly the most difficult to overcome, and takes a long time to hone.

Policy 2. (2) and 2 (3) Two more emphasis on the technical side, as long as the implementation of strict accordance with the technical facts can not exist any doubt, is relatively easy to implement. It also reflects " Blackjack "game technology requires little, in strict accordance with the technical requirements to make winning stable at 50%, more requirements in strategy and attitude.

Key to talk about policy 2. (1) First, three as a group, which means that the funds are dispersed in multiple baskets (each 200 minimum investment, maximum input 600, the average required to put 400 of 20000 funding is divided into 50 equal parts), to avoid the risk of a one-time pay the principal amount of light, the number of packets is also the basic guarantee of the outcome of the case in line with the probability distribution. Secondly, the Kings "from the losers win" strategy, under control of the funds risk and ensure the confidence in the victory in hand half Specifically, we calculate the probability of profit and loss situation of the policy assumptions every possibility of winning each disc 50%, the three sets have the following eight combinations, the probability of each combination is 0.125.:

(1) negative - negative - negative, loss of 600 yuan;

(2) negative - negative - win, lose 200 yuan;

(3) Negative - wins - losses, loss of 400 yuan;

(4) Negative - win - win, win 400 yuan;

(5) win - negative - negative, loss of 400 yuan;

(6) win - negative - wins, a tie;

(7) win - win - negative, loss of 200 yuan;

(8) win - win - win, win 1400 yuan

The actual earnings: (--600-200-400 + 400-400 + 0-200 + 1400) * 0.125 = 0

In fact, the reverse press "loser can not afford to win" strategy, the result is the same.As long as the outcome of half and half, the final outcome of any strategy should be the same.Features epic strategy is deficit of more times (5 times), less the number of wins (2 times), the amount of each loss is relatively small (up to 600), a relatively large amount of wins (1400 yuan).This strategy makes the habit loss, but a loss is small, easy to control the magnitude of losses, that risk is easy to control, and once victory is very rewarding, psychologically easy to remain stable.In turn, the "loser can not afford to win" strategy to win the big loser is small, several small-time win finally accumulated chips gambled, mental fluctuations.This strategy psychologically prevent "lost red-eye" problem, huh, huh.

In addition, the casino most people "can not afford to win loser" type, on the opposite strategy, once you win over opponents big negative, the opponent will lose almost lost the chance to win back their money, and the mentality of volatility greater, resulting in more opportunities. Instead, you small negative opponent victory, what real blow not constitute, easy to control risk, the mentality is relatively easy to keep, will not make irrational behavior.

Had this "Blackjack" game, according to the epic strategy implementation too much trouble, a little change on the Lianzhong look the same principle: a group of two, a 20 yuan, as wins are added to the 50 yuan, such as negative the outcome is still invested 20 yuan combinations as follows:

(1) negative - negative, loss of 40 yuan;

(2) negative - wins, a tie;

(3) wins - losses, loss of 30 yuan;

(4) win - win, win 70 yuan.

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