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Blackjack (Blackjack) Rate of Return / Policy / deduction rate analysis

Blackjack is usually Casino The deduction rate (House Advantage) lowest Game, About 2% or less (Slot 5% -8%). Just for that, you must know how to play. I do not spend space in play here. You can go online to check, or some other day to ask me , three minutes you can learn.

Blackjack is a game tables. A lot of people afraid, because with people face to face, there are language barriers and differences in skill level. In fact, not so serious. Basically all the action (plus cards, without cards, gambling times, scoreboard, buy insurance, surrender) can express with gestures, language barrier if you are a big deal, no one wants to talk to you. extent Well ... if seats are empty when there is no difference. If a lot of people, then I will talk to wait how do you say.

Talk about Rules and rates of return The relationship rule every casino Blackjack There are many variations, and why? Because they can not win a lot of money from here, especially the minimum bet is small. So they have to use all kinds of methods to pay rates down a little, like a deputy with more cards (four deputy vice 0.18% than the two probably less), the dealer Soft 17 (A6) when adding cards (approximately 0.22% less), and so on. I'm here to list some common rules change and the impact on rate of return:

Blackjack a lose two (2 to 1) + 2.27%

Five card does not burst count Win + 1.46%

Blackjack flush a lose two + 0.57%

Players at any time can double + 0.23%

Scoreboard after Ace blackjack + 0.19% can also be formed

Scoreboard after Ace can also add cards + 0.19%

Six card does not burst count Win + 0.16%

Ace can scoreboard + 0.08%

You can Surrender (surrender) + 0.07%

Players can only double -0.09% at 9-11 points

Players can only Split once -0.10%

Players can Split Double -0.14%

Players can only double -0.18% at 10:00 and 11:00

Blackjack five pay six (5 to 6) -1.39%

Blackjack one lose one -2.27%

In my example seen in Las Vegas, usually $ 5 minimum bet rule is four decks of cards, the dealer Soft 17 plus card, you can not surrender, nor can not add cards Blackjack Ace scoreboard after, any time you can double.If the Grand Hotel, is roughly equivalent to $ 10 rule.If the tables a little higher minimum bet, there Surrender rule, Ace can also be formed after the scoreboard after Blackjack plus card, or scoreboard, remuneration will be calculated tall 0.About 5%.If you ask me, less than 1% difference affect you?In fact, the casino's impact on earnings is relatively large, but fortunately for us.But if you can, you should find a better place rules to avoid bad rule.Casinos do not usually write the rules, asked to use.If you do not want to ask, first look at the next line also.

I've never seen on the front three good rule, because I never played more than blackjack (afford) $ 10, but bad actually common. Many casinos launched single decks (Single deck) of Blackjack, theoretically the player is very advantageous, since relatively easy to count cards. However, most casinos also changed the rules of Blackjack lost five of six (or even one lose one), players can only double at 10:00 and 11:00. calculated remuneration rather than the usual rate of more than a 1 percent lower. Therefore, the principle of not playing Single Deck Blackjack is appropriate.

Then talk Tactics Play Blackjack is to have a strategy. In accordance with perfect strategy, you can enjoy the lowest Deduction rate.You can refer to this link http: // wizardofodds.com / blackjack / bj4deck.html view of different kind of action when to do.For example, if you two cards are A, 5, making stand out the cards is 6, in accordance with the table you should double (bet times).It was a see which table to dizziness, but remember that this table is not difficult.Believe me, you just practice a dozen times (to their own license), you can remember this table become eight or nine.Moreover, compared to many other games, Blackjack strategy be simple.In addition, "Please do believe that expert analysis".This table can not believe?I say yes, because I saw about five or six tables are very similar.If you do according to your own ideas, of course, no problem, but you may reduce the rate of return on a 2% to 5%, depending on the magnitude of the extent of your wisdom.

In addition to rules and policies, I have to remind you of a few things:

Never buy Insurance (insurance), even if you get a blackjack. All Gambling Books will say buy you no good. The reason is that the dealer take Ace, blackjack you are difficult, if not beat him. If you buy, usually lose more money. Statistically speaking, there are more than the dealer you bought 5% deduction rate (the more the higher decks).

At the table,Blackjack It is a team game. If you do not follow the basic strategy, it may make the same table spurned ("Why did you make it? Do not make the dealer to burst ah!"). If you are a novice, more people have the field At least do not sit the final seat. Although how you play your home business, but if harm to others is not always a good thing.

If you can surrender it, as long as you get 15, 16 points, and the dealer or 10:00 exhibit A when you have to surrender. Basically card like this, you only have 30 percent less chance of winning. Surrender lose half nothing bad ʱ??

Many people remember lazy strategy, it is only way to play blackjack with the dealer - less than 17 Dianbu cards, do not move or when 17 points or more, regardless of brand, do not bet times look good, but doing so will return. a drop of about 5%.

You may have heard a bet approach: first bet a note, losing two charge injection, charge lose four injection, charge to the last eight note ... Anyway, will be able to win back a note, do not.! First, roulette bets are capped, like $ 5- $ 5000, so over time you will defeat the second, according to the probability remember, the casino is to earn our money. Such a betting method so that the average amount of each bet we improve, it will lose more and faster.

Finally mention Card Counting (count cards.) If you have a little knowledge of blackjack, you should have heard how count, I also have to be fascinated by these theories. But in recent years of experience and see the articles make me feel help card counting is not here, so I did not mention the principle of card counting, but to share with you why card counting is no way for us to increase the chances of winning:

Note card is a very difficult thing, I tried for a long time, never able to complete Remember my count between the two shuffle. Even if you have a lot of people remember together, fast-paced casino will make communication with each other to produce very big problem.

According to statistics, the players count cards probably only increase by 0.5% to 1% rate of return, but the money the players will fluctuate very much. Looking for better local rules, or memorize the basic strategy, simpler and more will come.

Most of the time, there are people who count cards or just according to basic strategy play.

Casino now cut the cards are cut a lot, about a quarter. If four cards is a cut. As a result, the players want a good card is likely to be "hidden" in a place cut off.

Most of the casino, as the card counting as a half-cheating. So you can not use the instrument, not the paper, only mental arithmetic. If the dealer discover that you have in the way of card counting, he can shuffle when you raise, Even you leave so that you completely wasted effort.

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