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Baccarat common "See free hit village, see the village busy playing the" top road play

Baccarat play, see free hit village, see the village is busy playing for the top road play, this method is the military taboo, easily the top, clear bags is you! But I summarized several long-term observation and combat Top Road, at what time to start, how to bet, is the key. more practical, for your reference.

1, three anti-free Zhuang Zhuang or three anti-idle.

2, single-hop beat even five.

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3, six whole village busy even play jump.

4, six village (free) to play even after the village (free) jump.

5, with the word Dahenglu every three village road (busy) anti-idle (village).

Betting method: 1-2-4 or 1-2-4-8, only three or four in the anti-idle (village) can choose four anti-idle (Zhuang) Wang set only win when the stop point.

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