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Players share the experience: Baccarat == Prodigal music?

Looking for the essence of full screen: N kinds of embrace, finally after a note left at low tide flat note.

All over the world to find books: psychology, theology, gambling through, I Ching, Sun Tzu, Winning, statistics, probability theory

Finally realize, yin and yang conversion, the number of days of life may be, there is nothing, good and bad Huilin infinite cycle. Let regret put before suddenly.

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N learned many ways to test me like crazy, there is no test environment, it is real money practice since lost to come to each method.

When people lose to a certain time, as any one of the essence of all life-saving straw.

The following N kinds of results.

1. gambled, find the essence, oh my bet turned out to be wrong not withstood amplitude. Mud teacher's job my laptop 2, forms numerous printed word and the data can be packed in a bag.

2. Also a few times and lost all, find the essence, Oh, is that my state of mind management problems, video psychology at Stanford University psychology class, I saw no less than three times.

3. Also a few days and lost all the original Casino It is not that we are to overcome negative returns Game Play dead. Read ED predecessors and can not remember the names of other senior posts, constantly comprehend Baccarat Nature.

4. Also a few days and I gambled, Oh, I still have a problem of character, can not suppress the urge. Difficult to overcome the shortcomings of human nature. Need to have the animal. So I started to hone beast ...

5. Also a few days and lost all the original beast is not enough light there, Striving to understand, to have victory chase into the negative, anti-growth, there is marking time, know shipped retreat. To Shangzhi astronomy know geography, to be proficient in math, know the Book of Changes, write gossip will draw, will use EXECLE table ah.

I Cao, I began to stay up all night, two weeks after reading the Book of Changes, is also full of sleep listening to the I Ching. 4,5 looked over the Sun Tzu, Shengjie predecessors method looked and looked, big ABC's Caochuan by arrows, etc.

6. Also gambled a few days and, oh, the world changes is endless, often converting seasons there in June flurries. But why was I caught up. Letter fate teenager. I Cao

7. I am still not satisfied, I studied the art of war, by gambling, probability theory, eliminate the number of football, Ssangyong hedge, MACD ultimate, over three law, a reasonable allocation of funds, the stakes into the principal parts per million. I fuck playing a. a few months later, the platform say suspect that I was hanging up. seal my account, I Cao.

I laughed, everybody laughed heartily, and I was the legendary human flesh black air stone .... Winning find it? Hehe

I also figured out that students do not come with dead things do not go, let it go, but I know I must be laughing dead end. This can have.

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