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Macau casino baccarat statutory rules

Article utensils

Baccarat Appliances comprising:

(A) six to twelve decks of cards, fifty-two per pair;

(Ii) a pie plate box ("brand boots") and one or more for the cut solitaire card use;

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(C) an automatic washing machine to send cards;

(Iv) a shuffling machine;

(V) a Betting Taiwan, the stage has one or two sets of cards and seven or more than seven seats.

The second start betting

First, at the beginning, Zhuang Dutch first shuffle cards and then cut by a betting person, I cut the cards or charge cards Zhuang, the white card is inserted about the tail end of a minimum of twelve cards

On, then shuffle cards package has put the cards box ("brand boots"), the Cards are all down, then press with a card bearing the number of village deputy, to go with pin

The number of a card, also the option of the first card of the cards count the number of cards to be sold to the party began sending cards.

Second, the field only to send cards each time you use a box ("brand boots") to start the demonstration when the cards, but can only open an exemplary three innings.

3. If using direct licensing after the automatic washing machine to send cards without a card into the instrument through the first paragraph of the program.

Article last inning

First, when the card sent to white card brand, is the last inning or only be one more innings. After the white card removed, until the council finished, re-shuffle. If a card

Defaced, replace a new card.

2. Without prejudice to the provisions of the section, the field reserves in any inning after the end of the cards to replace the box ("brand boots").

Article IV Yang Anti-cards

School Board by the middle card box ("brand boots") or automatic washing machine of a card to send cards sometimes positive anti-betting brand and the council of the male and vice versa is still valid, the licensing

Board to continue.

Article Solitaire Points

Solitaire points in accordance with the following criteria:

(A) humanoid cards, 10 and a total of ten persons, all as zero.

(B) the remainder of the points are calculated according to the sign face, and 9:00 for the maximum number of points by the sign face cards.

Article Number of

Only two participating in gambling:

(A) "village" at home;

(B) the "free" home.

Article to send cards

First, at the beginning, from the "free" home from an alternate form sent one at a time, every two cards distributed, free home before the flop.

Second, the use of automatic washing machines to send cards for distribution to licensing Player cards and the dealer's face must face up, after the end of each game, a card must send cards back into the washing machine.

Article VIII of the pin cards

In addition to the provisions of Article II program, the field reserves at the beginning of each round whether to send card pin box ("brand boots") on the rights of the cards.

Article IX by brand

Each family only by a brand, first to send "Player" by brand or not, must be in accordance with the following rules:

(A) "Player" in the following cases must increase brand: two cards total five or ten o'clock.

(B) "Player" in the following cases shall increase brand: two cards total 6,7 or 8,9 points, or "banker" two card total of 8,9 points Example cards.

(C) "banker" in the following cases must increase Cards:

(1) When two cards totaling 1,2 or 10 points, regardless of "Player" by what cards have;

(2) two cards total of 3 points, while the "Player" the increase of the brand is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 or 10:00;

(3) two cards total of 4 points, while the "Player" the increase of the card is a five, six or seven o'clock;

(4) two cards total of 5 points, while the "Player" the increase of the card is a 4, 5 or 7:00;

(5) The two cards total 6 points, while the "Player" the increase of the card is a 6 or 7 points;

(6) when the two cards total five or ten o'clock, and the "Player" not by brand.

(4) "banker" in the following cases shall not increase Cards:

(1) two cards total of three points, while the "Player" the increase of the brand is 8:00;

(2) two cards total of four points, while the "Player" the increase of the card is a 1,8,9 or 10 points;

(3) two cards total 5 points, while the "Player" the increase of the brand is 1,2,3,8,9 or 10 points;

(4) two cards total 6 o'clock, while the "Player" the increase of the brand is 1,2,3,4,5,8,9 or 10:00, or "Player" card does not increase;

(5) The two cards together 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00;

(6) "Player" two cards total 8 or 9:00 (for example licensing).

Article X error to send cards

If the cards wrong, or by failing licensing regulations should be corrected in real time, to not be corrected, the council canceled void.

Article XI winner

"Zhuang", "free" two, at the end of the hand holding the highest number of points wins.

Article XII and Bureau

At the end of the Board, "village", "free" and scored two points for the same. If this happens, you should be the new Board showdown, while the previous note is under


(A) canceled;

(Ii) maintain;

(Iii) be changed according to the following options Betting:

(1) Change betting diminished under reduced injection or injection of circumstances;

(2) from bets "Player" to bet "banker", or from betting the "banker" to bet "Player."

Article XIII bets

Betting bets can choose the following:

(A) betting on "Player";

(Ii) bet on the "banker";

(Iii) to bet on and Bureau;

(Iv) gambling may make additional "Zhuangdui Zi" and / or "Busy pair" betting. "Zhuangdui Zi" or "idle pair" refers to any of a punter

The first two cards form a pair (no matter what color or colors, the same two cards make up a pair of points, such as the two

J brand into a right, but J Brand

And Q brand is not one pair).

Article XIV uneven stakes

When the "village", "free" two unequal stakes,  party accepts limited to a predetermined amount of red.

Article XV bet

Bit gaming enterprises are not allowed to use the card in the seat allocated to bet punter special position.

Article XVI licensee

First, the field reserves the right whether or not the permit gaming licensees.

Second, if the field side allow, by betting maximum while sitting licensees, the licensee can not leave the table view, increasing the brand can not get two cards to send it together


Article XVII winnings

First, the "free", "village" Lottery winnings betting odds of one lose one.

Second, the "tie" Lottery winnings betting odds compensates VIII.

Third, as "Zhuangdui Zi" and "idle pair" Lottery winnings betting odds compensates XI.

Article XVIII pumping

"Zhuang" win, the farm bureau in each dealer a 5% commission earned extracted sum.

Another: in the case of not higher than limit red, gamblers can bet the lowest in the village or multiples bet, on the contrary, just when idle gamblers bet to the amount above the minimum amount you can bet.

Opened in SJM Casino Where, in the fight and the situation, in addition to filling the gambler, the gambling table bet can not move, that can not be canceled or minus NOTE bet.

These are the Macau casino baccarat rules

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