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Thinking baccarat with different investment style and stakes Act

I do not know if you come in contact with a new style of play, the first will focus on what areas?

Previously beads play in the second study, the expression of a need to stick with a similar investment style stakes views, here to say a few words.

When it comes to fit, all aspects of a problem, we need to complete the idea of ​​gambling. The starting point from the target, which is the plan.

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Under a clear goal, to decide how to allocate capital, the base code, investment style and stakes law.

For example, there are the principal operations of 1,000 yuan, a small target day win one or two hundred, or intended to profit within a few rounds rushed 5000, both of which use the same investment style, but the stakes law but will not be the same ʱ??

Single from investment style of view, there are many ways in fact the outcome of the road and the amplitude can be expected to have a rough, change it to stakes law guiding role.

For example, Sun Xiong (SUN0223) now in progress throughout the entire fight free hit village, this investment law will produce what kind of routine or extreme outcome of the road?You can expect: Long experience is +++++++++ encountered ----------- reverse dragon is encountered long single-hop path is + - + - + - + - + - + - + -, because it is playing the course, encountered such a card path the odds that we all understand.This amplitude and downwind is very obvious, and certainly to be expected to occur, a simple negative feed-stakes chase wins obviously does not meet the characteristics of this investment law, the Sun Xiong adopt tiered progressive easing flat note, try to ease amplitude technology, and use the outcome of the way back effect (this is a long term real return water wash code at the casino predecessors made to the effect that 50% hit rate fluctuates deviate too sure return), the mouth slightly negative number the number of cases still under steady wins opening victory, at the same time prepare the 1000 base code against amplitude, which is more appropriate for a complex.

Another example hot ED three bead and two beads play, long-term use of this play should be able to feel the gamblers, who play two Chu Road a group, the most common outcome of the road show is + - + - white mode, for this type of investment style, I think the use of 1-2, 1-3 negative chase short cable is the easiest appropriate.Under the more extreme cases, even negative numbers in a row and mouth also may take longer, but this kind of amplitude inferior to the above method that can be intuitively expected to vote.Because of this, I think that does not require too entangled in the cast ceremony.In any case the change from light cast ceremony, the bane of all existence, and appear consistent with the probability.Altar there is a quote: indiscriminately whether it is 50%?I think there will be local bias, but should be close to the long-term.Because of this indiscriminately of "chaos" word how to understand it?Random bet a B or P, can be said to be indiscriminately.Because the investment law is an objective reality rather than artificially created.But by no means useless type cast, because long-term use some type of fixed investment bets, the outcome of the road will have to produce a certain characteristic, or take the above example Sun Xiong investment method, there is a long queue encountered + encounter reverse dragon is a long - and in both cases often occur.

But in the two beads and bead-cast under three, two winning chance encounter road would be much smaller. But whether this discriminates merits of this three-cast it? Can not. Only see the cast of formula influence and produce different amplitudes, but can not change 50 percent of the fundamental.

As another example, a short-circuit cards mound master play. The essence of this play is a disguised form of two beads, but have a clear entry points and stop bits. See B hit PP, see P hit the BB, because short Many signs of continuity for a long time, this investment style take-all single-hop and two cards one way, then the outcome of the road is generally + - + - white and +++++ most common, so the use of negative chase victory into binding The stakes are capable of mating. Likewise, there are 3 cut that is the case even in the case, extreme wind, there may be different successive switching cards roads are encountered.

I am for these types of investment style has been relatively enthusiastic, has been in the investment ceremony took time to study, but the results were not good. It is felt that the amplitude of the vote than from formula and stakes start, such as short circuit play, 1-2 chase using negative cable, long-term real discovery under normal circumstances, about two hours to reach 80 to 100 times the bet, the base code using a round 20 stops, five yards only to win is a good choice.

That is to say, within a round reaches full stop 20 yards or clear bags are over, the time has not reached, but also can rest, this is due to health considerations •••• Of course, this method is suitable for small daily bet there income only.

Perhaps some gamblers would say, to win 4 rounds, a round clear bags are not still zero and it? In theory perhaps, but in fact this investment style +5 generation probability amplitude is equal to four times the chance of -20? I'm not sure, but I want to say, clear bags need to meet extreme wind, and 5 yards only need a normal brand road. Or, use some ease upgrades stakes, the same can also be brought against the amplitude of the zero-sum effect.

Here first, thinking is not very clear, you will see, initiate exhibitions.

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