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I play baccarat conclusion, please enlighten Bo Friends

Since it is a negative earnings Baccarat game, that whether you use any method (including method and stakes betting law) can not get win.So why most gamblers still unable to extricate themselves trapped in it?I think the main reason is because I like to play baccarat play in the process can be happy, to feel a lot of fun, do not substitute anything else.Long-term play baccarat friends, winning the first step is first to overcome their own, do stop loss and profit, failing that, will lose! Second, even truly stop loss and win, the mentality is very Well, self-control is very strong, able to fully control myself, to really be able to do a long-term win???I am very confused.Attitude is very good, did stop loss and profit, if you intend to play it long, the result may be little to lose, or small win, or a tie.- In short, by gambling fortune, winning a lot of money, probably the one hundred thousandth bar!

Any industry fortune, big money, I am afraid is one hundred thousandth even less than one hundred thousandth. Why just demanding baccarat.

Small does not always win, okay? Can always a small win money, I am afraid to go to work to earn wages than to be much more, and do not satisfy you! In my scope of life, I did not even heard of who gamble hair home I contacted many different types of gamblers (some can only say that the players), the underworld, and white, and success of, excessive gambling are numerous, I have not heard the last of who won.

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My conclusion: gambling simply can not win only paid as spare pastime, but also in the scope of their own acceptable!.

Brother you're right, but not comprehensive, from another perspective, that because you can not win so you do not know who will win. This sentence again another industry, took it to play basketball, because You do not play basketball, so you can not play NBA, because the NBA you can not play around you who would not play in the NBA, so you can not draw the conclusion that no one in this world can play NBA.

To be honest, I know these people, many of them are very successful people, various aspects ability are strong ah. If that gamble, bet some people do not know how many years! Rudimentary gambling wisdom is there, but also are defeated. Compared to them, I consider far less, even the people are so results, combined with understanding of their own learning, understand the nature of gambling, to be honest, it was really regret ah, more than two points, more than 200 vain ruin! a impossible task!

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