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Betting Guide - How to record Baccarat Wang weak index

First, what is called Wang weak index?

Wei Chan are university students Attu, and his brother is a lawyer, and he is a financial planner, he is Attu comrades, leisure liked the sea to Macau to play a few hands, the main Baccarat Everyone knows that, more than all Blackjack And Fan Tan, Baccarat may be more fun, but to long-term victory, and not easier than the previous two projects.

Wei Chan was able to until not stand down, and each gains, does with his back to the environment related to financial planning, this point Attu did not know, he only knew of a recent study Mr. Jin Biao Fan Tan secret, some enlightenment, It can be, "Wang weak index", "leading index" and "Modified base system", etc., all set to play on the baccarat gambling.

This is really a good news, Kim betting theory really superb, but unfortunately his strengths is Fan Tan, and Fan Tan in Macau is not popular, it is not every Casino Jie Fan Tan , it is estimated that no more benefit friends, if Kim theory can be used all at baccarat, the thousands of "fans", including Arturo included, must benefit from the infinite.

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Wei Chan explained that Fantan and baccarat most different places, is the former four, namely, "1,2,3,4", while the latter had "Zhuang, leisure," two, pairs and and not counted because not mainstream. To shrink to two four, little difficulty, Fan Tan's "1,2,3,4" can be easily turned into a singular "1,3", and double the number of "2,4" the.

Rotary table The principle is the same, numbers among the 36 can be divided into "Red and Black" and "Single, Double," the two terms, but also in general and baccarat odds "Zhuang, leisure," similar to before is not pumping one lose one by four changes two easy, so the two become four, how? how out of nothing? This topic Attu baffled.

Should untie to end it, or the most appropriate answer from the Wei Chan, his answer with confidence, baccarat in addition to "Zhuang, leisure," two, two halves remaining is "Heat Team" and "jump" Heat Team is not the end of the beating, no third flap, the chances of your choice 50,50 betting, in addition to the village and leisure, consider Heat Team and jump.

Many of my friends did not notice this point, although the size of the casino's electronic signs four complete, there Zhuang right, leisure right, and bureau, and even that is 8,9 points wins the statistics, but outside the village, free distribution and proportion, even Heat Team is not listed, jump distribution and proportion, also can be considered exhaustive, fly in the ointment.

Wei Chan's two become four way, the word Link light If "Zhuang, leisure, Heat Team, jump", 1 village, 2 free, 3 Heat Team, while four of hops, each out of a shop, he would order " n "word for registration, not Wangzhuang, is busy busy, not busy Heat Team, is flourishing jump, two of which must occur every shop, but cumulative, baccarat is prosperous weak index, we can choose the most popular one bet.

Second, how to record weak prosperous index?

Four forms of Baccarat

Wang Wei Chan Baccarat weak index, from Mr. Jin Biao Fan Tan betting method, is just a variation, because I like to play baccarat many friends, he is also one of them, seeing Kim monthly profit And Fantan not his cup of tea, under study, death will baccarat "Zhuang, leisure, Heat Team, jump" four, set into Fantan "1,2,3,4" within.He also used the cards for nearly 20 paved road as an index, made baccarat Wang weak index cards way too far, basically informational little card shop recently 10, is able to detect a change in the corner of the city, can not be taken lightly After set into, baccarat, "Zhuang, leisure" and "Heat Team, jump" two, every shop down to some of the changes will be recorded, and the bureau will not be counted.

To name two rather extreme example, explain Wei Chan index architecture, once again, this method is easy to learn and easy to use clear, but the effect and good, do not be scared away a series of nouns, and records required, just a simple four-line digital, with "n" word on behalf of five zoned, with traditional baccarat and the road, and three trails comparison is much easier, and is the exclusive.Examples of a shop out of 20 cards, cards road is: Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang Chuang and, busy busy busy busy busy, busy blazing and blazing.10 shop village shop with 10 idle, and the Board does not count, nearly 20 Zhuang busy busy card shop each 10 shop weak, there is no high or low, the index is not Wang doors, but nearly 10 paved index, you can detect changes to turnaround.As Heat Team jumping index, excluding the first shop, the second shop began, a total of 18 the number of bottom Heat Team shop, a shop only by the village turn idle for jump, what Wang or weak, is a strong and clear.Four digits above example, there Zhuang 10, idle 10, Heat Team 18 and jump one, clearly did not see the level of the village leisure, Heat Team jump the proportion of the poor, although no one will know the next roll out the results, But Wei Chan bets law must pick one of the four, both out of the village or leisure, all bets Heat Team at the end instead of buying jump, this is the essence of Wang weak index.

Examples of two out of 20 shop cards, cards road is: idle Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang busy, busy Zhuang Zhuang busy busy, busy Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang busy, busy Zhuang Zhuang busy busy.

All are single-hop, no tie, leisure village is divided equally, each with 10 shops, regardless of heights, but the Heat Team jump is concerned, the extreme case, a shop Heat Team no end, all single-hop, Wei Chan betting objects of nature is 20 pairs 0 "jump" the.

Baccarat Wang weak index, probably four are extremely average, that village, leisure, Heat Team, jumping each half, may also be the only busy one, or where two busy that Wangzhuang and Heat Team, Wang Zhuang and jump, leisure and Heat Team busy, busy busy and jump, but at the same time, never busy three, because baccarat Zhuang leisure and Heat Team jump is relative, it does not appear three Wang doors, betting objects are the same.Any data recording phenomenon occurred just before, no one can know the future, to accurately predict the outcome of the next shop, so Wang Wei Chan baccarat weak index, only the flow line, but produces Wang weak door, and luck related is among the casino often, but not a scientific explanation of the phenomenon.

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