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Baccarat Baccarat Gamblers James Brown share tips

In the United States, James Brown has been the title of God of Gamblers, it is because of James Brown in the game when playing baccarat winning percentage is very high. And for some of James Brown Baccarat has its own unique view, let's look Look for Baccarat skills, we the God of Gamblers have any specific ideas.

Mr. Brown, thank you assistance by our visit as a "professional investor", why would you choose "Baccarat" as your main battlefield it?

Cloth: Among the many, only "Baccarat" and "Blackjack" is the gamblers have the most reasonable return, but "Blackjack" at the same table there are another six individuals can control the Board, and "one hundred Knorr "there are strict rules, you do not have to worry about someone broke your hand, so I chose" baccarat. "

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Reporter: Do you invincible in the "Baccarat" on what you think your success because what is it?

Cloth: "technology", after, or "technology" has a good "technology", naturally "luck" and up to handy realm.

Note: You can explain it clearly?

Cloth: In fact, of course, I have also lost a lot, the first time, I would think that he is "luck" poor, however, and again after a review, but I find that a lot of the time, losing money is because "technology" poor, then when I efforts in this regard, to make improvements after, my good "luck" seems to be coming together, and winning percentage is increasing.

Reporter: You said "technology" including those of some?

Cloth: I said "technology" and most people understood "technology" different "Baccarat" of "technology" includes two levels, one is in ideological terms, how to control your thinking, balance yourself. psychology, and the second is to control their "bet" and "betting method."

Reporter: appreciate further details.

Cloth: we went to the casino, or investment, we must first understand why the casino would be winning a lot of people have this experience, when they lost the bet to leave, later recalled, in the whole process of gambling, they are not. are losing money every minute, and if both lose, then every minute, any person in the casino would not stay over half an hour. Instead, they are in the process of being gambling, basically often it happens is there to win or lose, there is period of time "luck" a little better, win more, for some time, "luck" poor, much more to lose, they finally lost all reason is that win or lose, do not want to leave, the final result is naturally clear bags to leave.

Note: This is indeed a very common situation.

Cloth: So, I said "technology", is to control your mental, I always think, capable of winning in the casino, mental control is the most important need to understand winning, but also know how to lose money in the investment up. that is equivalent to have "earned only", it should also have a "stop-loss." Human nature is greedy, win, hope to win more, but also admit defeat, lose, will always want to come back, the two who are betting taboo when, and how to control these two demons, and to overcome them, it is that you can get the key to the final victory in the casino.

Q: Can you explain the second point "technical aspects" related?

Cloth: If you can control people psychologically to maintain balanced state of mind winning or losing, you will have won half equal, however, to win big and win hard, you also need other aspects of cooperation, can not rely on psychology, the most important thing is to "bet Control ", and when should the next big bet, when to shrink note, these are must learn" technology ", and that only by being constantly sum up experience in failure, you will naturally be able to find the" best betting method. "

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