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Crazy play baccarat win

You believe it or not, I used cable won numerous times, Oh, the key is betting and allocation of funds, if you grasp these two points, then you are a big winner. Oh

We can put a piece of Baccarat brand as a trend, such as a much shorter even though 3 or 4 when but we will use a straight cable. If there even when the dragon 1248, we stairs cable follow them, Oh, put it plainly, the road on two types, one is the dragon, a short circuit judge as to how long and short, is very simple: If a shoe brand in a 1-2 Long after, basically short-circuited, and this is forecast magic, ha ha. This is a bet direction.

Bet it, we bet on the dragon's first five note five times, winning smile on course, lose it, we will use 2.5-fold to bet, just to win will lose 5 note on it We have been with the smallest note bet, because to use the cable thing.

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