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Baccarat write articles Road - size Road, Popeye, Xiaoqiang Road (there are pictures and the truth)

First, the Board is to make its development record, it is generally called "write path", the general-way: beads Odds, road, Popeye road, path, etc. .. and Casino Gamblers also give you a piece of paper the way for punters with their own method of recording Board development, some friends will win and win often appear busy Mong weak or other variables of different colors in two different recording village, they According to these records to analyze with and support the law to hold its bets.

Baccarat write articles Road - size Road, Popeye, Xiaoqiang Road

Write the way you want to start writing from a straight row of the second row of the first two

If the second line is not the first two, we will begin to write by the third row of the first one

The above demonstration because the second row has the first two so we began to write down the main road by the road on the 6th

I used the number to orchestrate the road, so we teach a one point clear

1. First, from the second row two, namely the 6th started watching, we look forward to the level of each row of the first two levels but also to look ahead in order to write down the road and saw the 2nd road on right ? Because there is the 2nd in front of the 6th road, so Popeye first appeared in red pen tablets, because the road in front of it in red to represent.

2. to No. 7, the 7th since the second grain is not the number of rows, so the views are different, and we want the front two rows, namely the 1st and the 5th straight row watching, we often hear d people Qi foot foot missing, then is the meaning, the 1st has four straight road, but only 2 on the 5th straight road, so missing feet, we want to express to basket pen.

3. to Article 8, because it is the second straight grain, we have to look forward, and looking ahead there are the 2nd and the 6th, the 6th is a recent one, so Popeye red pen, but then There is too little grain of the 2nd how to do it? the 2nd path is used to write with, so we use the same writing Popeyes same method path appeared grain of red pen, but we write the path of grain than writing big eyes grain pushed forward a grid Aberdeen used.

4. See Chapter 9 because there is no road in front, so Popeye blue pen to represent. Members noted that in this case the path of the first pen had been there, we almost before writing the first pen to write the second method pen path, we look at the previous frame to see, to see the 3rd, so the road See red pen.

5 to 10, as has been said, is to look at the front of the first particle straight rows and two rows of red and decide basket, because the 5th and the 7th straight rows also a long, one short, so they are missing feet, so Popeyes is basket pen. And the path point to write? Before we use "jump forward a grid" way to write the first and the second tranche of the path, this time with "forward-looking jump the line" way to write that article 7 and the first straight row, because the 1st Telok There are four main roads, but only three on the 7th straight road, so missing legs, missing feet on the basket pen, so there has been a grain basket pen path.

6. By the 11th, the 11th forward have one, namely the 8th, so jealous pen big jump on a grid have one, namely the 6th, so the path red pen, then came alive again to look a little further, to see No. 2, the 2nd used to do? Do not forget the "曱 甴 road" has not appeared, you can now write, methods, similar "曱 甴 road," the first pen, red pen out.

7 to 12, forward, said above the road on the front in red, so red pen showing Popeye on it. Look at the front view, the 9th front no longer down the road, so the path to basket pen showing it. eyes a little further, to see the 3rd, "曱 甴 Road" see a red pen.

8. By the 13th, looking ahead, said above the road on the front in red, but not now, in turn, says Popeye basket pen it. Look at the front, the front of the road is not no basket pen ? This is not, and this case is rather special, because 2 Cor on the 13th not the road, but to the second space, so to red pen, no matter how many the 13th straight road, how much we have to follow the write a red pen to see the 12th. eyes a little further, to see the 4th, "曱 甴 Road" see a red pen.

9 to 14, not in front of the road, but to the second space, so to red pen. And then move forward, but not the road to jump two spaces, road red. Eyes a little further, the road did not jump Georgia, Zadgad road basket.

10 to the 15th, in front of all the tabs, so under the road all red.

11 to 16, each straight row of the first particle is to look at the front row of straight pins, straight rows 7 and 10 missing legs, big eyes basket pen, 5 and 10 feet straight row of neat, paths basket pen, 1 and 10 missing feet, Zadgad road basket pen.

12 to the 17th, in front of all there is the road, the three paths are red pen.

13 to No. 18, 16 and 10, one long, one short straight row, big eyes baskets, and 7 and 16 straight row of a long, one short, the path basket set, 5 and 16 feet straight aligned, 曱 甴 road red a.

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