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Floor: 2111111111

Floor: 2222222222

Layer: 6666666666

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Four: 20--20-20-20-20-20-20-20-20-20

Enough negative 10 yards to the next level. Any time you win raises intake 232346688-10-10-10-10 wins (by layers of proportion), once tied namely all over again.

That is who wins into the wrong end of the layer from the base code again.

As long as there is a four-hands, you can recover or substantially recovered.

Only one betting method Forty four with one hand, the basic need to be afraid.

As long as even the more, the hit rate is not high will win, or a big win most afraid of is that even negative, even negative 8 10 hand hand care. The key is to connect in.

Recently, consistent with the betting method, and very efficient. Peace of mind and save time, several members just looked lost on the line.

Can set goals: 10 yards or more was even in the first four have ended after the victory into profit.

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