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Baccarat players to explain how to play water method

Play baccarat how to play water it? Mainly own betting habits is not very good, almost the whole buy, so much water.

I personally think the best way is to use stairs water baccarat play the whole cable buy, buy Zhuang also, buy idle also, buy even also, buy jump is required.

For example, such as stairs busy buy the whole cable, from the note how much depends on the individual circumstances of the custom.

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Assumed firsthand buy 20 wins continue to buy 20, lost 40 to buy, buy lose 60, he won it back to 40, to win another one back to 20;

20 yuan is a step, we lost to a new level, won on the next level.

If a shoe brand 50 innings, each 25 village leisure, then you can earn 25 * 20 = 500 yuan

If a shoe brand 50 innings, 28 village 22 busy, busy village can Couchu 22 pairs, in addition to the extra six village. You can earn 22 * ​​20 = 440 yuan, but will lose the total initial six steps, that is, loss of 20 + 40 + 60 + 80 + 100 + 120 = 420 yuan. So this piece basic profitable, but not loss.

This baccarat stairs to the upper cable lines, the see-saw back and forth when the big note, in particular, can raw water.

I like to use this method to buy idle, because there is no pumping, buy village, then the magnitude of the steps to be pumped easily rise too high as the course used it to buy the whole or even buy the whole jump is required. Specifically what to buy, and so the best open Ten out of office after eight innings combined time trend. If you find the case that much difference with their own expectations, but also to get out in time, not recklessly. In fact, it belongs to the scope of the study stakes law, if they have any good way to be this staircase cable to play, winning no less than 40% can have earned.

Although this cable to take advantage of Baccarat stairs law of large numbers, but no matter how small you start, step how small, how many ports ready, there may be broken cables actual statistics bureau inside ten thousand, a difference of five or six idle village one hundred of the situation a lot. Even if 20 start, 20-step, can not afford the 500 stairs. So essentials, if the cable line to the bit high, but not much has been earned or losses, try to hurry up Note yards down, lest broken cable withstand large losses.

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