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Legendary Baccarat Winning more than three

Baccarat Chronicles law, the legendary victory of law:

1, multi tail off betting law

2, multi-difference compensation method

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3, multi-off snubber down method

What combination of three bead way it?







More than three French invention that guy should be put in front of four combinations do not, because the open front of the four groups and then back three combination to win. He meant it should be written vertically to 3 Chu Road, by the first paragraph of the first article the two complement the first two with broken on the first three should be a rough patch over one. His Achilles heel is a combination of three out of three combinations that exactly the opposite with his boat across the sea to take his wife also to buy out the remaining shorts

Well, I'll stop here, if you have opinions, then to make up a few words, I say good welcome criticism, welcome Paizhuan To you use this method to win money do not forget to tell me, that I have With this win by law to engage in money.

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