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Cash chess combat experience platform Baccarat

Cash chess platform is my first online contact with casinos, the casino feeling pretty cool, then opened a demo account, beginning on Golden City Casino I just want to try hand at, initially in charge of 100 yuan go on, but to my surprise I only played four days on from the original 100 yuan rose to 1500, smoothly mess.

Recall that this experience was quite interesting, but also learned a lot from their own things, do the following a brief summary of it.

First, the flow, do not buck the trend.

I think this sentence has been said a lot of seniors, but here is to repeat these words, because we are always in for some time lost assertive, even sometimes act on impulse. For examples, a shoe brand appears 3 times 4 or even 5 with Zhuang Zhuang, when even the village appears again 4 or 5, when even the village, maybe you will come to judge according to the law of the out-busy, and the next hand P, a B, doubled catching P, still out of B, continue. Good luck, you'll come to recover, bad luck, you will clear the bag, then the probability of clear bags is the biggest!

Second, to set a good stop point for yourself, and be sure to execute it well

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Set a good stop for yourself, I think many players friends can do, it is important behind the last part: "We must perform," but not everyone can do this, just like the day I was clear bags In fact, I understand the need to learn to stop, but also for their set up five stops, it is not executed, the face of ups and downs during the game, the psychological is also changing, the face of falling total impulse want to fight back, and the result is a lose lose, so he clearly with negative chase, fight anti-method, etc., but more heavy losses.So we set a good stop point must be strictly enforced 24 hours a day to understand that the dealer are not afraid of no hand, some chance.

Third, we must worry about the outcome, so as not to affect the mind.

When you enter the table and see a dozen or so big dragon, then 7-10 single-hop, this time I think most people would regret, did not grasp the opportunity, psychology will not help anxious, resulting in a change of mind instead not on the back of the game more smoothly, when the change of mentality, it will result in the development of tactics can not be strictly enforced, this will only increase the chaos!

Fourth, we must firmly believe in yourself, do not easily trust others.

The reason why say this because many people always easily influenced by others, for example, when you see people at the same table bet code, you use 20 yuan as a base while he was 500 yards as the base code, the next time you Xiazhuang him busy, he won, you continue to the next idle 20, 1000 he won the next village to recover, and then he won.How would you feel at this time?Is not that he is a master, and then play with him twice, the final results of it, he hands straight sets you straight sets four hands! This time you will be in my heart cursed himself a fool! In fact, I have a few affected times, the stakes will indeed affect the level of psychological.So I suggest that no one player can choose a new table, or more people are choosing a table, not a table with one or two people to play, until one day you get to the defiant state you are free of the.

Fifth, to choose their own style of play, not swatting a pass.

In fact a lot of play, but you want to find their own style of play in, do not just look but they can not absorb the daily training applications are unable, for some unfamiliar style of play do not go to use, because a suitable play both To the right you have the right shoe brand that, when you are in a shoe does not fit the card, you use the wrong play, you will deny themselves, deny everything according to their own funds, personality, attitude, among other factors, looking for their own style of play it.

Golden City casino games are very interesting, and I was real experience makes me believe that playing baccarat, not only by technology, but by the psychological quality. Good mental qualities will help us in the field of entertainment baccarat online free levels of play.

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