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Baccarat's every single turn Mario law

In fact, this method is simple, but it really is, but there is a skill of its side! Called every single turn, as the name suggests! Every single will be the next anti, every two to stop NOTE!

For example: see a village, to buy idle, the two village stopped injection, and then a three Zhuang, buy leisure .........

Betting direction substantially so, is not that simple?

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In fact, to win the money does not have to get very complicated non-non!

Of course, if really so, I do not have the article appeared

Note that to use this method, plus the following three mantra:

Lose three straight sets compartment stop

Virtual win back two CONTINUED

Valley lost win over Mario shrink

Explain that:

Lose lose / Win Win

LLL course called straight sets

WLWLWL called compartment lose

But LLWL, LWLWL, etc. call every other input,

Discontinuous lost three chips have no margin in over a treasure called compartment lose!

Note code using:

Lose: always 111111111111111111111

Win: 1,2,1,2,2,4,3,6,5,10,8,16,13,26 .........

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