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Baccarat eight yards legend

Baccarat, cable length up to eight yards, when the battle, from the beginning of a yard, eight yards highest, plus or minus, when back into the application with ease.

Such as:


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This is the basic code, but encountered a different way the outcome will change a different amount of code.

In short: between 1-8, you can extend the infinite, such as: changes in more than a dozen hands, and finally decided to fight all the way to level Note 8 yards.

Code is not high, right on the line;

This is not much, enough to fight;

Sri Lanka is a gamble, win for the fine.

Transportation co-ordination tables, winning or losing are colorless.

Chang laughing mood, control bureau bureau red.

A yard sign south, limited win.

Multi-code GeZongLianHeng, unlimited extension becomes victorious.

Sic Bo Baccarat, Taurus add Excellencies.

I said: to win in exciting!

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