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Advice for baccarat players

Busy only 0-5 plus cards, plus cards village only 0-6 and 6 6/7 in idle when applied to increase brand (Johnson 0-2 plus card will be added as long as the leisure card):

9,4 + 1,4 + 5 = 6 = 10 = 0, 4 clearly more favorable busy.

2, the amount of each brand and the Zhuangsheng leisure win influence or can be calculated by computer simulation (based on card counting that.) For example, if a card with eight 4 small, open village / busy / and output rate will be from the original situation (1.05791% / 1.23508% / 14.35963%) change. If the little village 4 win probability increases that is confirmed by our analysis based on logic plus licensing rules.

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Computer calculations less certain support licensing village leisure transmission rate if the outcome is as follows:

Less chance of an open free from (1.23508%)

Up (down)%

A (0.0018)

2 (0.0045)

3 (0.0054)

4 (0.0120)

5 0.0084

6 0.0113

7 0.0082

8 0.0053

9 0.0025

For example, to play eight cards, less a 4, under idle output rate from -1.23508 to -1.24708% Increase% 0.012% ...... that is less busy four pairs unfavorable.

As each set of cards can be used a computer to calculate the probability of the village and leisure, just wait until the remaining players cards when favorable distribution of its profits to bet, players of course is unlikely to put the computer gaming table (Online Betting Also possible) each to count cards.Blackjack Experts simplified to count cards to + 1-1 in the brain calculations.Baccarat Card counting can be simplified ...... before simplify our ask a fundamental question:

Blackjack card to make a profit is not high when the withdrawal commission, if good bet Regulation (can early drop) and cut card less (6 cut one not playing) calculated the chance of good cards often up to three percent X. (40). Baccarat card counting how much profit? worthwhile?

Suppose that affect eight cards each card in the following table:

The original licensing village / yield -1.05791% - 1.23508% - 14.35963%

When enough cards to play enough to overcome Zhuang leisure and transmission rate, players have the opportunity to profit issue is little chance the good cards:

The so-called penetration rate refers to the ratio of how much a box of playing cards is not cut, for example, ninety eight penetration refers to cut 0.8 does not play ...... opportunity to play cards in the eight situations good card 7.2 births only 1.77 ( Zhuang leisure and Total) ...... ten thousand (3000 hours?) Only two ...... while the 26 一点 10,000 have 2000!

Usually eight cards rarely not hit, leaving only 11 (98% penetration). But even leaving only 11 do not play good cards chance is still only 1.2%.

If you use the most accurate way to count cards only "one year" find two betting opportunities, baccarat count cards usefulness is clearly too small.

But if you (because like?) Non-playing baccarat or may not be back to get high commission, card counting is still the best strategy for playing baccarat.

Of course, you can not use the above optimum shuffling method. Primus provide a simplified method of card counting in baccarat "Beat the Dealer," a book. Since the village is different cards for different leisure and impacts (eg "4" for free The impact is "3" twice), different number of points marked:

Standard Number of points

A +1

2 +1

3 +2

4 +3







Starting from 0, see A / 2 plus 1, "3" plus 2 "4" plus 3,5 / 6/7 minus 2, "8" minus 1,9 / 0 when not seen, count to positive represents a much smaller cards, the odds improve village.

Calculated number called the water flow divided by the number of vice-count remaining idle village called real numbers and real yields different numbers in the following table (%):

Note that true number "0" rate of return under licensing standards, the next village -1.058% -1.235% lower at idle and -14.36% .- 16 nowadays busy transfer rate -0.586%, + 16 Xiazhuang transmission rate -0.51%. If you get 1.2% commission back yard wash (depending on bets amounted 0.6%), ± 16 时 can bet profit. If you can not get back the commission, we have to wait -27 busy nowadays (+ 0.022%) or + Nowadays village 29 (+ 0.02%) ...... about playing half will encounter once.

3. Conclusion

Baccarat money than blackjack beautiful fish and bear's paw can not have both. Selected to win to win, want to play election fun. Carry the flag to win fun to play a bad bet to win games, poles apart , do not lose too hard.

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